12. March 2019 - 16:00 till 18:30
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Growing Vegetables in Schools | Aberdeen Biodiversity Centre - Zoology Building | Tuesday, 12. March 2019

Learning Contract
Aberdeen City Council – Education and Children’s Services

Event Title

Growing Vegetables in Schools

Focus Area

Science – Planet Earth

Commissioned By


Date of event


Time of event

4 – 6.30pm


Aberdeen Biodiversity Centre, Zoology Building, Tillydrone Avenue, AB24 2TZ.

Target Personnel

all level primary school teachers

Maximum no of participants


Minimum no of participants


Course Content/Objectives

This CPD session aims to develop primary teacher’s confidence in teaching children how to grow vegetables in schools. It will cover the importance of school gardening in terms of the range of knowledge and skills children can develop through this as well as the positive effects on attitudes and physical and mental health and wellbeing, and associated Curriculum for Excellence links. These include direct links to gardening referenced in outcomes and experiences in the Sciences as well as links to a variety of other curricular areas.
It will also cover the practical gardening skills needed to get started with growing vegetables in schools, as well as practical and logistical considerations to take into account. Topics covered include where to grow vegetables, what crops to grow, how to prepare a growing area, how to sow seeds indoors and outdoors, seedling care and transplanting and how to feed and water a vegetable garden. The session will also cover ideas for recipes using school vegetables, and will take into account recipe considerations such as the age of the children and the facilities available in schools.

Outcomes sought

Completion of the session will allow participants to:

Understand that many curriculum objectives can be met through gardening activities.
Gain some practical gardening skills including how to prepare plots, sow seeds, transplant seedlings and how to feed and water plants.
Be aware of some of the logistical and practical considerations of setting up a school garden.
Have a selection of recipe ideas for using school grown vegetables.


How does it link to the standards

2.1.2 Have knowledge and understanding of the nature of the curriculum and its development
2.1.2 Have knowledge and understanding of the relevant area(s) of pre-school, primary or secondary curriculum.