25. April 2019 - 18:30 till 20:00
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Testing Times | University of Aberdeen | Thursday, 25. April 2019

New health treatments and medicines are “scientifically proven using tests”, but this is not new, in fact it is ancient.
We test new medicines and treatments to see if they work. Surely, such tests are always “fair” in health care? Unfortunately, even with the best intentions for people, there are many examples of new and old treatment decisions that were not informed by reliable evidence about what works. This results in harm. The question is can we ensure a fair test of new treatments to reduce this uncertainty?
Professor Craig Ramsay from the Health Services Research Unit at University of Aberdeen will talk about the history of a “fair test” from ancient Greece, via the 17th Century to the present day in Aberdeen. He will showcase some of the fair tests from the North East that have changed your NHS experience, and illustrate that it can take a long time and many patients and public to get to an answer.
Guest Speaker: Professor Craig Ramsay, University of Aberdeen
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Entry is free and the event is open to all.