02. July 2020 - 6:00 till 8:00
Temple of the Dark Moon, Adelaide
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Gathering Around the Cauldron - A Witch’s Familiar | Thursday, 02. July 2020

A Witch’s Familiar

July Gathering around the Cauldron

Traditionally a familiar is a spiritual helper, usually in animal form, that is often used in healing or to aid and guide the witch in their magical practice. Tonight we learn to (re)connect with our own familiars, or power animals.


:: Attendance fee of $20 to be paid on the night to cover the costs of materials.

** Limited places available. It is essential that you register your attendance through the Eventbrite link (free).

** Names registered through Eventbrite go into the monthly draw to win a prize.

Gathering Around the Cauldron is specifically designed for novices to explore the practices and philosophies of magic, ritual and contemporary wytchcraft, as well as providing those who may have read a few books to gain experience by putting this knowledge into practical application.

The underlying emphasis of what will be shared during the Gathering Around the Cauldron meetups will be placed on the Southern Hemisphere.

Each of the monthly meetups will include an informative lecture on a magickal related topic, followed by an evening ritual. A more detailed programme of the lecture topics will be made available from the Temple of the Dark Moon's web site.

More information can be found here - http://templedarkmoon.com/2018/01/gathering-around-the-cauldron/