29. June 2019 - 18:30 till 21:30
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The Wonderful World of Natural Navigation- Tristan Gooley | Arundel Castle | Saturday, 29. June 2019

Gather friends for a wine and cheese evening in the Lower Lawns at Arundel Castle with a fascinating talk by award winning author, Tristan Gooley, the Natural Navigator, in aid of the Sussex Snowdrop Trust.
The charity is delighted to have the support of Tristan at this event who promises to reveal new clues in the South Downs....
The talk begins with solo crossings of the Atlantic in a light aircraft and then a small yacht, before plunging into the very rare art of natural navigation. Tristan describes how he learnt to find his way using the sun, moon, stars, weather, plants, animals and buildings. He has used the ancient techniques of natural navigation in the dessert, on ice, in the jungle, on mountains, on oceans and in the English countryside and he explains how natural navigation can enrich all journeys, large and small. A beautifully illustrated talk that includes lots of clues from the South Downs.
Tristan set up his natural navigation school in 2008 and is the author of the award-winning and bestselling books, The Natural Navigator (2010), The Walker’s Guide to Outdoor Clues & Signs (2014), How to Read Water(2016) and Wild Signs and Star Paths (2018), some of the world’s only books covering natural navigation.
He has written for the Sunday Times, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC and many magazines.
Tristan has led expeditions in five continents, climbed mountains in Europe, Africa and Asia, sailed small boats across oceans and piloted small aircraft to Africa and the Arctic. He has walked with and studied the methods of the Tuareg, Bedouin and Dayak in some of the remotest regions on Earth.
He is the only living person to have both flown solo and sailed singlehanded across the Atlantic and is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation and the Royal Geographical Society. He is Vice Chairman of the UK’s largest independent travel company, Trailfinders.
Tristan has appeared on TV and radio programmes in the UK and internationally and has given talks across the world, including at TEDx Calgary:
The talk is set in the idyllic location of the lower lawns of Arundel Castle in a stunning marquee with Hennings Wine.