07. November 2019 - 20:15
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Nov-Dec mindfulness experience class | Namaste Yoga Centre | Thursday, 07. November 2019

This popular 1-hour, 6-week mindfulness practice class sells out everytime - advance booking is necessary.
As well as learning about what mindfulness is and the benefits of it you will also experience: 

how to practice mindfulness,
how to sit in meditation,
tips to practice in daily life,
how to do walking meditation,
mindful movement,
gratitude practice,
loving kindness practice,
mindfulness singing,
inspirational stories

Most importantly you'll receive an hour of peace and tranquility in a group of other local, like-minded people. :)
Suitable for all: from beginners to experienced practitioners with a beginners mind. Come join us for an experience of peace in the middle of your week.
You can buy the ocurse as a gift for someone - just ask them to give your name on the first night.
Thank you.