20. September 2019 - 21:00
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Leasowe Lighthouse Ghost Hunt- £37 PP | Leasowe Lighthouse | Friday, 20. September 2019

Leasowe Lighthouse stands on Leasowe Common and is a well known landmark on Wirral.
Leasowe Lighthouse was built in 1763 by Liverpool Corporation Dock Committee. It is the oldest brick built lighthouse in Britain. The last keeper of the lighthouse was a woman. Mr. and Mrs. Williams were formerly keepers of the Great Orme Lighthouse in Llandudno and they transferred to Leasowe. Shortly after moving Mr. Williams was taken ill and it was during his illness that his wife took over the duties. She performed them so well that on his death, which was twelve months later, the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board made her keeper. In 1929 it was offered for Sale but no one wanted to buy it until March 1930 when the Wallasey Corporation bought it for a sum of £900. After the death of Mrs. Williams in 1935 the lighthouse was closed to the public and put to no further use. In 1973 it was painted white but nothing more was done until 1989 when the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral carried out refurbishment work to stop the building deteriorating any further.
There have been many reports of strange occupancies within the lighthouse and it is known to be haunted. .Footsteps have been heard on the stairs frequently , a ladies voice has also been heard in the night and objects are often moved .
Your evening includes:-
*Chance to use real investigation equipment*Opportunity to partake in investigation experiments such as *Seances/Table Tipping*Unlimited Hot Refreshments
(Please note , we always aim to have a medium in attendance on the event, however this is never guaranteed )
*No alcohol , under 18's or pregnant ladies please *
Times :- 9pm-3am
Parking :- Yes. There is a public car park across the road from the lighthouse and plenty of roadside parking on Lingham Lane. Please do not park on the grounds of the lighthouse itself.
Toilets and Refreshments:- Yes