24. November 2019 - 10:30 till 13:30
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Making Space for the Things that Matter | The Wellbeing Campus | Sunday, 24. November 2019

In this workshop we will explore what it means for you to make space for the things that matter in your life. 
So many of us are drowning in stuff and still buying more; yet at what expence? Have you lost yourself along the way and need a way to make more time, space and freedom for the things you love in your life? 
We will talk about our journeys and relationship with stuff and how de-cluttering has helped us both to seek new paths and visions for life. 
We will look at the impact of stuff on us, the consumers - how stuff might just be weighing us down- 'clutter crisis' and the impact this might be having on our mental health. We will also explore healthier ways to consume with intentional buying -making more conscious decions that are better for us and our planet. 
We will help you to find 'your why?' What do you want more of (instead of more stuff)? We'll explore this through meditation to get you started on your journey.
Maybe you have already started tackling 'the stuff'and you're looking for a few more practical ideas on how to minimise the stuff, find your happy medium and then maintain it, keeping your vision of life in mind.
We will share concepts and ideas that we have been inspired by to helped you further explore what will work for you. 
We look forward to a fun, informal and hopefully insighful morning talking about the things that REALLY matter.