05. September 2020 - 10:00
Ibn Rushd Centre of Excellence for Islamic Research, Birmingham
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Accredited Chaplaincy and Islamic Counselling Diploma | Saturday, 05. September 2020

A unique 1 year fully accredited part-time diploma course in chaplaincy & counselling.

About this Event

Starting in September 2020 in London, Birmingham & Manchester

Registration now open!

The Certified Islamic Professional Chaplain (CIPC) Diploma programme is a course for chaplains, health workers, those who wish to become qualified counsellors or chaplains, teachers, imams, scholars, social workers etc.

The course is divided into two parts:

1. Certification in chaplaincy and counselling skills level 2

2. Certification in chaplaincy and counselling skills level 3


The full 1 year programme is accredited by the CPCAB. It is the level 2 & 3 in counseling skills with added chaplaincy modules. In order to receive the Certified Islamic Professional Chaplain (CIPC) licence the full diploma must be completed. Level 2 & 3 is mandatory. Level 2 must be completed prior to completing level 3. The certification in chaplaincy and counselling skills will be awarded to those who complete level 2 only and not the full Diploma.

The Syllabus:

The syllabus for will include key aspects of applied subject knowledge, including:

• An exploration of models of chaplaincy

• Theological approaches to chaplaincy

• The Chaplain as reflective practitioner

• Crisis Counselling

• Stress Management

• Islamic therapeutic communication

• Islamic Spiritual Care

• Essential counselling skills (CBT, listening skills, empathy etc)

• Understanding Addiction Behaviour (Addiction Counselling)

• Islamic Grief & Bereavement Counselling

• Core principles and practices of chaplaincy from a Muslim perspective

• The distinctive contribution of Chaplaincy within community provision

Career Prospects:

• Working at schools and universities

• Pr*son and hospital chaplains

• Community work

• Mental health professions

• Charities and community organisations

• Mosques and Islamic institutions

Entrance Criteria:

Applicants should be 18 years of age or above and be proficient in English reading, writing and speaking.

Practice Requirements:

There are no formal practice requirements for this module. Students can participate in this module as practitioners (Chaplains) or for the purpose of a study of Chaplaincy practice.


*14 weekends in 1 year for the full diploma (CIPC) and trainee counsellor qualification. Level 2 is 7 weekends and level 3 is 7 weekends.

224 hours of Teaching

*1 full weekend a month.

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)

Those who have completed level 2 & 3 of the counselling with Islamic principles by Alif Institute will be awarded the Certified Islamic Professional Chaplain (CIPC) license provided that they do 20 hours of supervised (voluntary or otherwise) chaplaincy work at a recognised institution.

Those working as chaplains and have completed a recognised counselling skills course may fast track to be awarded the CIPC licence provided they cover 2 modules on chaplaincy with Alif Institute.

Those who have completed level 2 in counselling with Alif or another institute may join level 3.


*If you are an existing level 2 student at Alif Institute, you will have to pay an additional £160 registration fee to enrol onto Level 3 and complete the chaplaincy course.*

New students who have completed level 2 with another provider, will have to pay an additional £210 registration fee to enrol onto level 3 and complete the chaplaincy course.

(*Please note, the initial registration fee of £210 for level 2 is inclusive of the fee payment)

These fees need to be paid prior to the first session in order to secure your place at our course.Please note that this is non-refundable.


Original Price: £2,250 for full diploma

*Early Bird: £1,610 for full diploma (including Level 3 registration fee) Deadline- 10th August 2020

Payment package available

Alif Institute's account details are:

NatWest – Alif Institute

Sort Code 55-70-23

Account Number 86148141

Reference: CIPC(City) (Full Name)

Please follow the link for more information: E: email

Web: www.alif-institute.org

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