21. September 2018 - 19:00 till 20:00
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Autumn Equinox and Harvest Moon Gong Bath (Paiste Earth & Full Moon gongs.) | Midlands Arts Centre | Friday, 21. September 2018

It seems that we arrive in this reality as an essence of pure divinity. This innocence is corrupted by the conditioning of (well-meaning) family, friends and society as well as the ego. This results in profound unhappiness as we struggle to express our true nature through these layers of falsehood. The suspicion is that even those fortunate enough to have experienced a happy upbringing will not be achieving their true, immense potential as humans.
The sound of these divine instruments can reconnect us with our source, capable of facilitating a deeply profound experience leading towards actualisation.
We will tune in with a mantra (having an intention for the session, with some ritual allows for the possibility of magic), perform some gentle warm-up exercises, some breath-work and a short meditation (based on sound.) We will then lie in Shavasana (relaxing in a lying down position,) to engage with the sounds of the gongs.
The sounds will be gently to start with but will grow in complexity as well as intensity. The mind should surrender relatively easily. Some may however, become anxious; try to relax more deeply and accept gratefully the visiting vibrations in anticipation of what may come to be. All outcomes will be positive.
We will lie still to finish and tune out to close the sacred space. It would be interesting to hear of your experience.
A mat, cushions and something to cover with may be helpful.