04. February 2017 - 9:30
Movement Therapy Clinics, Birmingham
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Case History Taking and Introduction to Pain Science | Saturday, 04. February 2017

Phase 1: Module 1: Case History Taking and Explain Pain

Phase one is all about the foundations of practice as a therapist.


How to take a thorough case history

How to identify potential red and yellow flags (serious ill health as opposed to common musculoskeletal problems)

Professional practice - key points in starting your practice

Regional contraindications

What is pain?

Causes of pain

Communicating with patients


You will complete a worksheet that will introduce you to the concepts of taking a case history and a basic introduction to pain

During the morning session you will:

Learn the key questions to ask when conducting a case history

Learn the important legal aspects of running a clinic - which main laws apply and what to look out for when setting up your practice

Have a basic understanding of patterns of pain/symptoms that may be out of your scope of practice (This course will not teach you to diagnose conditions - This is to make you a safe practitioner and refer your clients to a healthcare professional/A+E as quickly as possible)

During the afternoon session you will:

Explore the concepts and theories behind pain science. This section of the course is based on the work of Lorimer Moseley, David Butler, Louis Gifford and Peter O'Sullivan. We will discuss these concepts in great detail and the theme will run throughout the course

Learn how language, the way you say things, explain things and what your client says can make a big difference to their recovery

The evidence behind manual therapy

Basic set up of a treatment area and basic soft tissue skills


2 Parts - Part a) Pre-course worksheet (As above); Part b) Explain Pain Poster

If you are completing the full diploma course you will be expected to reflect on the content of this first day throughout your 200 hours of clinical practice and how you have used the skills/communication from today with real life clients