01. April 2020 - 15:00
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The Frontier 2020 | The Lyric Theatre and Hill Event Center | Wednesday, 01. April 2020

The who, the what, and the why of this conference will continue to remain consistent. The biggest change for our 2020 conference is the where. This year, we are heading to Birmingham, Alabama.
WHO: As the founders of The Frontier, we have worked with top customers, investors, and entrepreneurs focused on industrial innovation. We are leading investors and business builders across the spectrum of companies focused on finding solutions for the industrials sectors of the last two decades. Based on our collective experience, we found there is no real place for the future leaders and innovators of the industrial world to congregate. We believe the network is one of the critical reasons why innovation has been stagnant in our industry. As a result, we founded The Frontier to be this gathering place for the future thinkers, entrepreneurs, and leaders of the industrial world.
WHAT:  The Frontier is the ONLY conference focusing on emerging technologies for all the key industrial sub-sectors. It is a two-day destination conference for up-and-coming leaders in the industrial world, including the world’s top innovators, thinkers, executives, visionaries, investors, and entrepreneurs, to cross-pollinate and rethink the future of industrials. The Industrials and Energy Sectors have experienced a tremendous change in the last decade— millennials taking over as the future leaders, software disruption, new obstacles related to safety, security, and the environment. Existing customers and exciting new disruptive startups are seeking ways to not only take advantage of these changes above but also to change how we view the future industrial world. We bring together leaders who are on the edge of the Industrial Internet, thus leveraging data and designing solutions, for example, robotics, AI, IoT, advanced materials, and other emerging technologies.
WHY: This conference is about the future leaders of the industrial world; up and coming executives from the top companies and top investors in the industrial sector will join us from near and far and the most disruptive entrepreneurs will be showing us what comes next. If you are one of these leaders who wants to engage with others like you, join us. If you want to see the latest innovations attacking your market, bring your team. If you are a young and ambitious entrepreneur and want to meet customers and investors, don’t miss out. And if you have an idea and want to make it a reality before you tell your company, now is the time.

BIRMINGHAM: Alabama is historically known as a leader in industrial spaces including aerospace, chemicals, and automotive. Even more, Alabama has invested in a state-level focus on advancement in technology, further positioning the state as a leader in the realm of industrial innovation. Moving The Frontier to Birmingham, Alabama for the 2019 conference was a perfect match with the state’s focus on advancing the industrials industry. Alabama is home to companies who have proven to be trailblazers in this space which have catapulted the state to third in auto exports and second in chemical exports, making billion-dollar impacts on the economy. The energy for innovation in the state makes for the perfect setting for The Frontier conference as thought leaders will spend three days exploring how culture and innovation is transforming every segment of the Industrials sectors.
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