06. April 2017 - 9:30
Movement Therapy Clinics, Birmingham
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Functional Movement Analysis | Thursday, 06. April 2017

Overview• Key scientific research terms – Risk Ratio, Reliability, Validity• Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic Biomechanical Injury Risk Factors• Movement screening/Endurance and strength testing for the Foot/Ankle, Knee, Spine/Trunk, Hamstrings, Hip

Pre-Course:• You will complete a worksheet that will introduce you key research terms

During the morning session you will:• Research terminology• Validity and what it means• Reliability and what it means• Interclass Correlation Coefficients (ICC)• Risk Ratio (RR)• Predicting Vs Diagnosing Injury Risk• The kinetic chain• Based on the work of Ben Kibler – how the body works as a unit and if there are ‘breaks’ in the chain, how that can have a knock on affect to other areas of the body

During the afternoon session you will:• Movement/Endurance/Strength/Motor Control testing of the following areas:• Ankle• Foot• Knee• Hip• Spine• Shoulder• How to create a movement analysis screen for a sport/movement of your choice

Assessment• Design a movement screen for a sport of your choice