11. July 2019 - 10:00 till 16:30
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Get Found On Google for Creative Business Owners | The High Field | Thursday, 11. July 2019

Are you a creative or a conscious business owner - meaning spiritual, holistic, vegan? Wanting to promote your services locally, and get regular leads? Then this workshop is a must-attend for you. 
Google. It's a bit of a big old monster that you're trying to make friends with isn't it? But when it comes to trying to tackle the whole world of Google rankings, do you find you're telling yourself stuff like:
“I don’t know what I’m doing!"
“I just don’t know where to start!”
“It feels like a mountain!”
“I don’t get all the jargon”
“I’m not technical!”
“I’ll just leave it, I can’t be bothered. It seems like so much work”
“I haven’t got the time to figure it all out”
So....you tend to rely on 'hope' marketing:
- posting constantly in Facebook groups or social media ‘hoping’ you get business?- word of mouth ‘hoping’ you get referrals?- going to loads of networking giving out your business cards ‘hoping’ someone will call you?- posting on your Facebook page, ‘hoping’ your followers see it?
If this sounds like you then this workshop is something you MUST attend!
Yes, there are LOT of people out there that teach Google Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O). But that’s the problem.  All they're doing is teaching THEORY that they’ve learned elsewhere. Many of them haven’t actually top Google ranking with their own website. It’s one thing teaching; another thing ACTUALLY doing it.
As a service based business which relies on REGULAR leads locally,  I got Blooming Lovely Cake, my vegan cake business (in a weird niche) to TOP of Google within 6 months of starting the business. And as a creative or concsious business owner,  I want to teach you how to do the same!
I'll be sharing ALL my secrets and know-how that you can implement IMMEDIATELY on this one day workshop! You'll get the EXACT steps I took on what to do to get you VISIBLE online that is easy to implement. 
If you're ready to get your business to the next level and take a much deeper dive with me into the technical jargon, you'll learn how to:
- A deep dive into the technical jargon and what it REALLY means - Get your Google My Business Account working for you - Learn the secret to corner your market place for regular leads - The difference between front end and back end SEO - Step by Step how to create an SEO strategy - Actionable steps on doing your own front & back end SEO that WORKS for you
Get ahead of the crowd. Get your SEO working for you NOW over the summer months before the busy last quarter of the year.  Only 15 spots on this workshop - get yours booked today! Look forward to seeing you there - you WON'T be disappointed!