10. April 2020 - 11:00 till 18:00
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MS Excel Macros and VBA 1-Day Course, Birmingham | One Victoria Square | Friday, 10. April 2020

Recording and Running Macros in ExcelCreate simple macrosusing the macro recorder and run them from shortcuts or buttons on the ribbon 

Setting Excel Macro Options 
Record and Run Simple Macros 
Assign Macros to the Quick Access Toolbar 

Introduction to the Excel VBA Editor

Use the VBA Editor to navigate projects and explore object properties. Create, copy and import/export modules 
Starting the Visual Basic Editor 
Using the Project Explorer 
Using the Properties Window 
Creating, Importing and Exporting Modules 
Explore Recorded Macros 

Creating Procedures and FunctionsCreate simple macro procedures in code that use variable to store data and communicate with the user 

Creating Sub and Function Procedures 
Declare and Use Variables 
Displaying Message to the User 
Getting Input from the User 

Working with the Excel Object Model

Explore a variety of ways our code can manipulate data within cells, create and navigate around worksheets and workbooks 
Understanding Objects, Properties and Methods 

Interacting with the spreadsheet :

Referencing Cells and Ranges 
Gathering Cell and Range Information 
Using the Offset Method 
Using With Blocks 
Referencing Workbooks and Worksheets 
Updating values in the spreadsheet and putiing values into the spreadsheet 


Using standard Excel functions in VBA 
Creating new custom functions 

Controlling Program FlowUsing decision making and looping structures to control the way your program works

Using the IF Statement 
Using the Select Case Statement 
Using For Next Loops 
Using Do Loops 
Using For Next Loops 

Practical project and examples

Certificate on completion (assessment based) 
Course notes 
Practical Class exercises, Homework / Revision work 
Tea, coffees, but no lunch 
To assist after the course, 1 free session for questions online via Skype or Teamviewer. 
Max group size is 4. 
Bring you own laptop or arrange to use ours