13. October 2018 - 14:00
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Nutritional Talks- A Series of 10 Talks by N3 Nutrition | The MAC Birmingham, | Saturday, 13. October 2018

Do you want to be empowered in order to take your health into your own hands and start your journey to optimal health and wellness?
Are all the conflicting reports about what is and isn’t good for you all too much of a minefield?
N3 Nutrition is presenting a series of 10 talks with a qualified and trained scientist and Nutritional Therapist, to help you embark on a drug free journey to wellness.
‘Let food be they medicine and medicine be they food.’ Hippocrates

Energy Production and Fatigue- Saturday 13th October 2018
How does the body produce energy and what is needed to make this process efficient?
The dietary and lifestyle factors which affect energy production.
How can we support our energy production and prevent fatigue?

Diabetes and Blood Glucose Regulation- Saturday 20th October 2018
How does the body regulate blood glucose levels?
How and why do lifestyle factors affect this balance?
Which bodily systems are involved in this dysregulation?
How can we have a diet that keeps our blood glucose level within range and prevent the onset of diabetes?

Stress and Sleep Disturbances- Saturday 27th October 2018
The link between stress, sleep and the adrenal glands.
How our modern lifestyle and technology is impacting on our sleep.
How natural botanics and lifestyle changes can prevent the use of medical sleeping aids.
Weight Loss- Addressing the facts and myths- Saturday 3rd November 2018
What the most important elements are that should be addressed when starting your weight loss journey.
Does fat make you ‘fat’?
Are carbohydrates really the enemy?
Factors which can be making your weight loss journey harder.
What should a nutritious meal look like?
Supporting the Immune System- Saturday 10th November 2018
Should bacteria and viruses be our main concern?
Germ theory vs Terrain Theory.
What is autoimmunity?
The link between our gut and our immunity.
Detoxification- Saturday 17th November 2018
What is detoxification and which parts of the human body are involved.
How is the modern lifestyle and diet affecting our detoxification capacity?
Are detox diets a ‘fad’?
What can we do to prepare our bodies for detoxification?
Gut Health and Digestion- Saturday 24th November 2018
How does our body digest food and what factors can support this.
Why does it seem like so many of us have gut health problems?
The effect of allergens on the gut.
Are probiotics the only answer?
The Brain and Ageing- Saturday 1st December 2018
The effect of ageing on the brain.
What factors can accelerate ageing of the brain.
Nutrients and lifestyle factors which can help us to age well.
The brain-gut axis.

Cardiovascular Health- Saturday 8th December 2018
What causes High Blood Pressure and how can we support this through diet.
Is all cholesterol bad? Is fat free the best option?
Which diet is clinically proven to support cardiovascular health?
How can we support our cardiovascular system and prevent the risk of a heart attack?
Empowering you to start your journey to wellness- Saturday 15th December 2018
What should we consider when we are trying to embark on the journey to a healthier life
The less is more approach.
Do we all need to take supplements?
Do we all have to go vegetarian/vegan to be healthy?

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Please note any information or advice provided by N3 Nutrition in any of these talks is for general use only and is not intended to be a substitute or replacement for any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. N3 Nutrition does not recommend you stop any treatment or medication without consulting with your doctor. We always recommend speaking to your doctor if you have any concerns regarding your health or any symptoms you may be experiencing.
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