22. September 2018 - 9:30
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Stage2's Autumn Term 2018 | Millennium Point | Saturday, 22. September 2018

Stage2 Options Autumn Term 2018
Mornings 9.30am – 1pm
Project: Directing & Producing; Theory
Following feedback from several instances & members, Stage2 is delighted to offer this exciting opportunity for any member to discover the skills and techniques needed to Direct or Produce your own work. Being a Director is no mean-feat and requires dedication, passion, imagination, hard-work, organisation & lots of patience!
Each week we will cover a different stage of the Directing Process including how to create concepts, how you finalise your casting and how you prepare your budget! This morning option will include some practical exercises when appropriate, but you should bear in mind that there will be lots of listening, handouts & discussion-lead activities covering a wide range of topics.
If you are also directing in the afternoon option (interviews in Summer 18) you are required to attend all these sessions and a clean bill of punctuality is expected.
If you are not directing in the afternoon, the weeks are self-contained so if you miss any there will be no pressure to keep/catch up in-order to continue with the term.
Workshop: General Drama
This option is ideal for members aged 11 – 21. Each week will feature a different skill including the more familiar Improvisation, Characterisation, Voice and Physicality, alongside Team Building and Ensemble Work. The group will be relaxed and informal but we will expect dynamism and focus to allow members to develop new skills or build on existing ones.
There will be a Sharing at the end of term to show the rest of the company, friends and family what we have learnt. Every week will be completely self-contained. Absolutely no experience required and a great way to learn, have fun, play games, make great memories and establish long-lasting friendships!

Afternoons 1.30 – 5pm
Project: Directing & Producing; Practical
This term the afternoon option for the Directing & Producing Project will be working towards several short performances – around 6 of them being presented at a showcase event in December (DATES TBC)
All participants will learn what it means to be directed and the skills necessary for performance – just like a full-scale show, just much smaller! There will be an opportunity very early on in the term to sign up to either:
Take part in the Showcase: You will be placed by a panel of Staff & Assistants into the relevant performance (no audition necessary) that we think will suit you best. You will work collaboratively with the members who have interviewed in the Summer Term to direct their own work and will be required to have good attendance and learn lines & blocking.
Take part in the Showcase, but not perform: There will be a limited opportunity to join a small Technical Team who will work alongside the Technical Leader, learning basic skills in how to operate lights & sound as well as being responsible for liaising with all directors.
NOT take part in the Showcase: Any members not wishing to take part in the showcase will be working with Alex to create a short performance to be presented at the Sharings Evening (Dec 15th 18).

Workshop: Stage1
This option is ideal for any young person of Primary School Education (7 – 11).
This is a friendly group, where members mix, learn and have lots of fun in a secure environment with other enthusiastic and willing members. Members participate in fun games, drama exercises and creative play every Saturday afternoon. There will be a Sharing at the end of term to show the rest of the company, friends and family what has been learnt.

Stage2 IntroSaturday 22nd September 2018 9.30am till 2.30pm (till 4.30pm for those taking LAMDA exams)
Stage1 IntroSaturday 29th September 20181.30pm till 5pm