01. April 2017 - 9:30
Movement Therapy Clinics, Birmingham
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Tissue Healing and Therapeutic Interventions - Birmingham | Saturday, 01. April 2017

Phase 1: Module 1: Tissue Healing and Therapeutic Interventions

Phase one is all about the foundations of practice as a therapist.


The stages of recovery from soft tissue and bone injuries

Classification and healing times/processes for ligament, muscle, tendon and bone injuries

Appropriate therapuetic interventions in the early stage of injury


You will complete a worksheet that will introduce you to the concepts of the tissue healing/repair process

During the morning session you will cover:

Tissue healing from a physiological point of view - what happens to the tissue

The stages of the healing process

The structure of ligaments and why they get injured/how they get injured

The grading system for ligament injuries

The structure of muscles and why they get injured/how they get injured

The grading system for muscle injuries

During the afternoon session you will cover

What a tendinopathy is and the current best practice for early stage management

The Stretch Shortening Cycle and it's importance in tendon rehab

Bone Injuries

The physiological, biomechanical, Neurological, Psychological and immunoligical effectsĀ  of manual therapy


2 Parts - Part a) Pre-course worksheet (As above); Part b) Tissue Healing Video

If you are completing the full diploma course you will be expected to reflect on the content of this day throughout your 200 hours of clinical practice and how you have used the tissue healing information from the day with real life clients