21. April 2019 - 19:30 till 21:00
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Soundbath Worcestershire- Spring to life | The Fold | Sunday, 21. April 2019

Go inwards. Feel the wellspring of life bubbling.
Let your light shine. Feel the warmth of your being. Hear your breath settle.
You are warmly invited to a delicious space to just drop into and be still. A cosy cucoon to lie down and tune into yourself. A deeply relaxing and calming space to just be. Bathed in the sacred sounds of gong, crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, drum, percussion instruments, voice and chimes you will drift into a state of bliss . You will feel your depths. Your mind will quieten. You will rebalance and release what no longer serves you. Wrapped in calmness, beautiful scents in a softly candlelit room you are held safely. Sound calms stressed minds and bodies. Sound settles physical and emotional dis-ease. Sound soothes restlessness. Sound heals layers of being. All you need to do is gift yourself the time and the space will be waiting for you......
Sound Therapy is not suitable for women in the first trimester, people with heart or brain devices or those suffering from severe mental health episodes due to the vibratory nature. 
If in doubt please do consult Michelle on 07443637063 to double check. Please bring a mat, cushion and blanket for your own comfort.
I look forward to being with you.