28. July 2017 - 19:00 till 23:30
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The Delaware Road at Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker | Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker | Friday, 28. July 2017

Buried Treasure Records presents

The Delaware Road.
An occult conspiracy exploring a secret, abandoned Britain.

London, 1968. Two brilliant musicians create innovative sound using reel to reel tape. Whilst working for a large media organisation they stumble upon a conspiracy with seismic implications for themselves and for Britain. Exploring folklore, magic, propaganda, television & radio broadcasting, counter-culture & early, electronic music, The Delaware Road is an incredible, alternative vision of Britain during the second half of the 20th century.

This special performance takes place deep underground in a nuclear bunker, hidden in remote Essex woodland. The audience is free to explore the secret, cold war facilities where they will encounter a host of performers, experimental artists & musicians. This immersive mix of theater, film & live music will appeal greatly to fans of classic British science fiction & horror such as Quatermass, Dr Who, The Devil Rides Out & The Wicker Man.

Featuring Dolly Dolly, Howlround, Daniel Wilson, The Twelve Hour Foundation, Loose Capacitor with more acts to be confirmed.

"highly recommended" SCARFOLK

"shades of The Stone Tape, the occult, the swinging 60's, orgies & demonic power" DJ FOOD

"deliciously subversive" SANTE SANGRE MAGAZINE

"vintage synths, solarized landscapes, Morris dancers and electronics" SHINDIG! MAGAZINE

Please note: Limited tickets are available with transport provided on a 1960's double-decker bus (picking up from & returning to Brentwood train station). Tickets with parking are available for those wishing to use their own transport.
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  • flying tonight
  • Watch out for The Suits prowling the bunker corridors. They report back to The Corporation
  • https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/77494/chk/fe1c
  • A 1960s Routemaster bus will make 2 return trips from Brentwood train station to the nuclear bunker on the night for anyone requiring help with transport. Tickets & details here: https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/77494/chk/fe1c
  • Exploring nature and electricity, Mark O Pilkington (Strange Attractor Press) + Michael J York (Cyclobe, Coil) will perform deep in the bunker basement using rare modulor synths & acoustic instruments. Tickets here: https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/77494/chk/fe1c
  • Bunker update: Ian Helliwell will be screening his Super8 films + animations and treating us to an improvised performance with his self built electronic tone generators & synths. https://www.tickettailor.com/ch…/view-event/…/77494/chk/fe1c
  • You can now order tickets for The Delaware Road by debit or credit card via Stripe: https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/77494/chk/fe1c/
  • If John Baker were still with us he'd be in The Twelve Hour Foundation, they are that good! Get tickets to see them at our nuclear bunker show in July: https://www.tickettailor.com/all-tickets/24171/9b11/
  • Very excited to confirm Simon James will be playing a buchla set at our nuclear bunker show. It's going to be a mammoth line up of electronic sound, tape & synth innovators + there's still more news to come! Tickets on sale here: https://www.tickettailor.com/ch…/view-event/…/77494/chk/fe1c
  • Dolly Dolly reprises his role as Director General of The Corporation on Friday 28th July @ Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/77494/chk/fe1c
  • https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/77494/chk/fe1c
  • The mighty DJ Food will be adding considerable heat to events inside the bunker with a selection of super powered electronics & mind-bending psych grooves. Tickets here: https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/77494/chk/fe1c
  • Catch Concretism's live debut @ The Delaware Road this July https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/77494/chk/fe1c
  • https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/77494/chk/fe1c
  • https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/77494/chk/fe1c
  • https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/77494/chk/fe1c
  • Lucy Bellingham
  • https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/77494/chk/fe1c
  • (almost) the full line up
  • We will be screening more of Jeffrey Siedler's excellent video synthesis inside the bunker
  • This is so far up my street it's not even funny. 👍🏼
  • Thanks to James Bond from Los Angeles for buying his ticket
  • Who is Benson Fairlight? More back story @ Losing Today