25. October 2017 - 20:00 till 23:00
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BA Johnston + Fruity Water. Free entry! Brighton | The Hope & Ruin | Wednesday, 25. October 2017

Canadian weirdo genius BA JOHNSTON hits Brighton for the first time at The Hope & Ruin on 25th October!
Guarantee entry:

Mathias of The Burning **** put us onto him; "He's a weirdo genius who I just produced an album for—he's a legend in Canada but has never taken his caravan of insanity outside the country"

BA Johnston has been playing music in his Canada, pretty much since the dawn of time. He is best known for his hit song "Deep Fryer in my Bedroom" and for once having crashed a snowmobile into the Canadian Prime Ministers pool. He can usually be found in Canada playing in some crappy bar for a nominal cover charge but has decided to branch out and play crappy bars in other countries. So get ready for a non refundable night of entertainment that has been described by Canadian media as "not for everyone".

Plus support:
Fruity water: Steve Lamaqc & Gideon Coe endorsed dreamy pop:

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  • The Burning **** on BA Johnston's UK tour: Friends in the United Kingdom, I can't possibly overstate how much I want you to go see the amazing (and amazingly strange) BA Johnston next week. In Canada, he has gained the kind of cult status that most cult leaders can only dream about. He's also the most entertaining person I know, a great songwriter, and I guarantee you will have an extremely good time. Apparently some Canadian journalist once said that BA is "not for everyone," but I disagree. So bring your mom, your dad, even your kids. No, maybe not your kids. But just go!
  • Thanks Love Thy Neighbour, this was a great day to discover B.A. Johnston
  • NO MORE SONGS! NO MORE SONGS! Love this video.
  • Saw BA at Wild Bill's saloon in Banff a few years ago. Cultural reference points are difficult, but he might be considered as a kind of transatlantic John Otway - eg a mad, quirky but hugely entertaining outsider. Be careful that he doesn't belly-flop into your beer though. Highly recomended!
  • Delighted to add the Steve Lamaqc & Gideon Coe endorsed dreamy pop of Fruity water to the bill!