10. February 2020 - 9:30 till 12:30
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Shoot Edit Share! | Retail Spark | Monday, 10. February 2020

Retail Spark in partnership with Grow are launching an exciting workshop called SHOOT EDIT SHARE. This event is aimed at the Independent Retailer who needs the skills to create more proffesional images to market thier brand.

Many business owners know they need to better utilise the digital media but are often unsure of how to navigate this in a proffessional maner. Having high quality images can be the difference in standing out to your target market.

This 3 hour session will take you through 3 core areas, SHOOT, EDIT, SHARE. The morning will cover areas such as:
TOOLKIT - Talking about equipment and resources.

SHOOT - Some basic explanation of exposure, white balance and depth of field
SHOOT - Demo of how to set up your shoot at home/ work. Planning by storyboarding.
SHOOT - Demo of ProCamera Features.
SHOOT - Practice. Students to practice themselves on the set ups

EDIT - Live demo of the best features on Snapseed that will immediately improve their images. Students follow along with the images they have just taken.

SHARE - Talking about narrative and story - How you tell a story visually. What types of shots you need i.e. close ups, portraits, landscape   
SHARE - Composition rules and composition ideas.
SHARE - Social Media and the types of images you might need to share. i.e. Lifestyle shots, still life, product shots.

There are only a limited number of places for this FREE workshop so apply for your ticket now.