03. December 2019 - 11:30 till 14:00
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CNWM: Special Xmas Lunch | No 4 Clifton Village | Tuesday, 03. December 2019

Come Network With Me is a heart-centred business connecting female business community members together to create a sense of belonging without the need for conformity. A place where members feel safe and ‘good enough’ as themselves, where they come to get support and dismiss the loneliness of self employment and where daring to be different and diversity is not only encouraged but celebrated.
This unique expereince is about celebration! 
We invite you to network, drink fizz and enjoy a delicious lunch with like minded female small businses owners in Bristol and the SW.

"Yet another amazing CNWM lunch and networking! There are so many networks out there, and I have tried a few. I thought I needed to be wedding-connected to get anything out of a business network as none seemed to work before. Now I've realised that it's not about the subject - its about the people and the their hearts and passions, more than their businesses, the latter develops through the former. Thanks again Sarah Cook You are one insightful, thoughtful woman!" X Gaynor Page
"I am so glad I found CNWM - I can't adequately express my gratitude for your support. I met so many of my clients through your events when I started and now I have my own group as a result of your social media guidance. It is absolutely invaluable. I see so many of your members benefitting from the connection opportunities you create, but as you say "you have to be in it to win it" !!!!" Tamsin Kate Acheson
"If you're reading this and thinking, I need help but I hate networking...then this is the event for you. Sarah and her ladies are just friends you haven't met yet. Amanda, even brings the most exquisitely wrapped present you've ever recieved. Go, try it!" Emma Clune

I look forward to welcoming you to Come Network With Me for our Special Xmas Lunch!

**Tickets are non refundable & non transferable
**Please contact sarah@sarahcook.co.uk if you do not wish your photograph to be used on our website, social media or for other promotional purposes.