23. April 2020 - 18:00 till 20:00
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CROHN'S AND COLITIS EDUCATION PROGRAMME : BRISTOL 2020 | Bristol Royal Infirmary | Thursday, 23. April 2020

Welcome to our Crohn’s and Colitis Education Programme: Bristol
These sessions are run by your IBD nurses, supported and funded by Crohn’s & Colitis UK. To provide you with reliable information, so you feel empowered to better manage your condition or support someone in managing theirs.
Your local IBD nurses have a huge wealth of knowledge and have come together to deliver sessions on topics which are important and relevant. We know what we’re talking about. We help give people the comfort and confidence to live freer and fuller lives.
There are five sessions to attend running from 6th June 2019 to 23rd April 2020

Programme for Thursday 23rd April 2020
Topics being discussed today will be :-
Drug Treatments in Crohn's & Colitis - Dr Creed
This session looks at common medications and explains the importance of finding the right medication for you.  
Complimentary Therapy - Aileen Fraser
Explores complementary and alternative therapies, the evidence-base supporting use of these treatments, and how to choose and use them safely. 
The programme for the evening will follow shortly: 

The sessions are free to attend. If you have any questions please contact: education@crohnsandcolitis.org.uk
We can’t wait to see you there.