25. January 2019 - 9:15 till 13:00
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How to Support Children Affected by Attachment & Trauma: An Introduction | Bridge Professional Development Centre | Friday, 25. January 2019

Many children who have experienced separation, loss, abuse and/or neglect will not relate to the world in typical ways and they spend their day trying to ‘survive’, rather than thrive. Their behaviours can be mystifying to those around them, and traditional disciplinary approaches which rely on rewards and sanctions (and form the basis of many a school's behaviour policy) simply do not work as they might with other children. They need something different.
This is an introductory half-day course primarily aimed at people who work with and support vulnerable children in education settings of all varieties, including (but not exclusively) schools, nurseries, childminders, out of school clubs, holiday clubs and sports and dance clubs.
The course will enable participants to gain knowledge of :



The impact of trauma and attachment on brain development

Recognising different attachment styles

A number of considerations and practical strategies for supporting children with attachment difficulties and/or impacted by trauma

Trainer: Emma Spillane
'Absolutely fantastic training. The trainer drew on her personal accounts and had a wealth of knoweldge and resources. I learned loads! Particularly about different types of attachment, strategies and foundations. Most memorable was the description of how different attachments feel and how they present. I recommend this training - it is essential for anyone that works with children. The content is invaluable. Thanks so much!'(Laura CrewSys, Speech and Language Therapist)