19. February 2018 - 20:00 till 23:00
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MTB: Edinburgh Fringe Proposals 2018 | Music Theatre Bristol | Monday, 19. February 2018


The Edinburgh Fringe - where Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie discovered fame; where Tim Minchin got his big break; where El Leaper met Derek the Double-Ended ***** – what incredible discovery could you make in the land of Irn Bru?

As per usual, the proposals will work as any other – each team should include at least a DIRECTOR, MUSICAL DIRECTOR and PRODUCER. Each proposal team will have 10 minutes to present their show. This should include:

- An introduction to the production team members
- A show (either an existing show with access to the rights, or a piece of original writing)
- A synopsis and explanation of the genre/style of the piece
- A marketing plan (including social media, flyering and any other promotion strategies)
- A comprehensive, detailed budget
- A clear vision for the aesthetic of the production
- A description of how your team would use the MTB loan
- A description of why your show would thrive at the Fringe

Things to note about taking a show to the Fringe:
• This is a very different process to putting on a show within Bristol; you must take into consideration factors such as flyering, accommodation, and travel.
• While it is useful to have a small cast and band to accommodate a small venue, it is strongly advised to gather a large creative team due to the complexities of Fringe production, and also having more bodies to hand out flyers on the Royal Mile.
• Being involved in a Fringe show involves expenses to each individual cast and team member – the team must be prepared to take this on board, and to try to keep costs as low as possible for their cast and band.

The location, time and size of the grant are to be confirmed very shortly, but in the mean time – gather those teams, prepare those presentations, and get ready to perpetuate Derek’s legacy (if you go to the Fringe, you’ll understand all these in-jokes about Derek. That should be a large enough incentive to propose).

N.B. This is a £3000 loan, £2000 of which must be paid back by September 30th.