24. November 2016 - 13:00
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Run4Life Bristol Facebook group sign-up (only if you haven't signed up for a course) | | Thursday, 24. November 2016

Are you based in Bristol and are relatively new running? Would you like support from a Facebook community regardless of age or gender?
Our Run4Life closed Facebook group is primarily for people who have joined in our Beginners: 0 to 30 minutes or Improvers courses. However, if you would also like to join you can if you complete the registration form.
As the group is facilitated by Bristol City Council Sports Development we need to ensure the safety of our members, by registering your details, rather than just accepting people into the group. Anyone who is registered on our courses is automatically invited to join in, you do not need to complete this registration.
As with all our members we hope that everyone will be positive and supportive to each other and that each person is reponsible for their own personal safety, so that we can all be happy in our running!!
Once you have registered you will be accepted into the group if you have already requested to be part of the group, or will be sent an invite from the Facebook group:
Run4Life is poar of Bristol Active City Twitter @brisactivecity
Registraton information will be kept on a secure database and will be used in a statistical format for monitoring and evaluation purposes only.