19. March 2019 - 9:15 till 15:30
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Safeguarding: Basic Awareness for Beginners | Bridge Professional Development Centre | Tuesday, 19. March 2019

This absolutely essential course aims to provide participants new to the subject of safeguarding with a working knowledge around Child Protection and Safeguarding issues and to act as a foundation and a springboard for further learning about the complexity of these issues. We always receive excellent feedback for this course, which aims to be engaging, practical and highly relevant to anyone who works with children and families.
Key outcomes: This course will enable participants to:

Explore thresholds for intervention.
Define Child Protection and Safeguarding and what is meant by abuse;
Understand the current legal framework, national guidance, local procedures;
Explore values;
Define and explore the signs and symptoms of the four main categories of abuse;


Gain awareness of appropriate responses to children’s disclosure of abuse;
Learn correct recording procedures;
Understand the importance of reporting;
Outline the referral process;
Practice skills of working in partnership with parents.

Trainer: Mandy Parry
*Please note that while tea, coffee and water will be available to delegates throughout the session, lunch will not be provided so please make sure you bring something with you as there are no catering outlets onsite.
*Registration and tea/coffee will be available at 9.15am, for a 9.30am prompt start.
 Amanda Blake, Manager, Marshfield Pre-school
 ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the training and came away with a better understanding as to how to support families and children with regard to Child Protection and Safeguarding. I would 100% recommend the training to others.’
 Lucy Mitchell, Community Project Worker, Golden Hill Community Garden 
 ‘The training was really practical and challenged my thinking. I learned lots, despite thinking I knew a lot already – it was useful to revisit it and I will be reviewing our policy in light of what I have learned today. I recommend Mandy’s training - you need to do this so you feel confident that you’ll be ready to cope if that ‘worst case scenario’ happened.’ 
 Marie Hughes, Education Officer, TUC:
 ‘I enjoyed gaining the benefits of Mandy’s experience and knowledge of safeguarding. I felt I learned a number of key things I needed to know and what I wanted our volunteers to know – particularly when to take action. The most important thing I will take away was the necessity of having a child centred approach and talk about having a culture of vigilance that can prevent abuse. I would recommend this training – it gives a great basic awareness of issues.’