09. December 2018 - 10:30 till 15:30
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Solargraph Pinhole Camera workshop (Cheap Xmas pressie!) Sunday 9 December | St Pauls Learning Centre | Sunday, 09. December 2018

In this drop in 20 minute workshop you will make two pinhole cameras which can take a solargraph image of the sun crossing the sky over 6 months. The cameras, made from an aluminium drink can will be loaded with light sensitive photographic paper then sealed for their 6-month journey around the sun!They are then taken home and installed outside at home pointing South. No chemistry is required to uncover the images of the sun travelling (apparently) accross the sky. We will be uncovering some images which will have been exposing for the past 6 months!
The workshop will be fine for people with no experience in photography although all children below 16 need to be accompanied by an *****. Minimum age for the workshop is around 8 years old.(£5-00 for 2 cameras.)
I will also be releasing a few camera obscuras to play with!