06. January 2015 - 20:00
Manorbrook Primary School, Bristol
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Tues 8pm Yoga-Lattes at Manorbrook - online for now! | Tuesday, 06. January 2015

Yoga-Lattes mixes Yoga sequences and Pilates core exercises together to create a challenging and efficient workout. You get all the great stretches from the Yoga poses and a stronger core from the excellent Pilates exercises.

You will develop a stronger core, improve your flexibility and learn how to relax if you come to this regularly.

If you have a non-slip yoga mat please bring it with you. I do try and fit in a meditiation or deep relaxation at the end so please also bring long sleeves, pillow, socks etc to be totally comfortable.

Don't forget to share your booking or check into class on Facebook - word spreads and all your friends will come to stretch with you. How cool would that be?!