22. December 2018 - 16:00 till 17:00
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Winter Solstice Full Moon Sound Bath | St Annes Church Community Room | Saturday, 22. December 2018

At the this time of year when the days are shortest and the nights are long, it's a wonderful opportunity to illuminate our inner worlds and dive deep into the expanse of awarness. During this event we wil do this thorugh pure, enlivening, balancing and softly penetrating sounds. . 
During this sound bath I will use 7 crystal bowls to harmonize your chakras and take you into a deep state of relaxation state. Crystal singing bowls made from 99.992% pure crushed quartz crystal. They have many beautiful benefits:
-Reduce stress and anxiety significantly
-Lower anger and blood pressure. 
-Improve circulation and increases blood flow
-Deep relaxation and pain relief
-Increase mental and emotional clarity
Tom Llewellyn () will also help to create the Sound Bath with Symphonic Gong, Sansula African Thumb Piano and Native American Flute.
Timings for Event: 
4 pm - 5 pm Sound Bath/Sound Meditation 
Limited places available. If you want to you pay by bank transfer at me Lloyds  / 70115060 / 309829 or PayPal to magdalleena7@
You may come for all parts of the workshop or only for one part... 
£12 only sound bath 
Ask me if you need a concessions.
About me:
My name is Lena. Eastern European songs are part of my heritage and are deeply rooted in my soul. I have a lot of songs in my heart, which I love sharing with others. I have attended workshops with Labolatorium Piesni and teacher training with Susie Ro Prater. I was part of eastern European singing group called Fern. I have background in Waldorf Steiner Education and I'm qualified sound therapist. I have facilitated many sound bath events, both in Bristol and at festivals. I'm a member of the Bristol Spiritual Collective.
Come and experience the warmth of Eastern European polyphonic carols ! We are going to explore our voices and practice traditional ‘white singing voice’ which is an open throat, bright and controlled, cathartic almost soulful screaming technique. No experience needed.