05. October 2019 - 9:00 till 18:00
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'Shiva Shakti’ Yoga Immersion | Avalon Well-being Centre | Saturday, 05. October 2019

‘Shiva Shakti’ Yoga Immersion with Sabbi Martin
Step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and step into the tranquil, ancient realms of Yoga. Allow yourself to connect with your conscious mind, filtering out the background noise that comes with it.  
The divine purpose of Yoga, to invite an individual to engage harmoniously with themselves to achieve the serene state of consciousness. 
Situated in the idyllic grounds of the Yorkshire dales, Avalon well-being centre at the Broughton Hall Estate, provides the perfect location to be at one with ourselves in a distraction-free environment and to absorb the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.
Connect to your physical, spiritual and mental self
The Physical will consist of a practice challenging you to find your inner strength, whilst harmoniously bringing balance to any rigours that may accompany. This will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your body alignments throughout the practice, increasing your ability to reach complex yoga postures.
The Spiritual will allow you to work through any emotional stress whilst on the mat, you may notice different behaviours, thoughts and reactions that surface during practice. Rest assured, Sabbi will guide and assist you to create awareness of self, which will allow connection to your inner spirit. 
The Mental will calm your parasympathetic nervous system, disengaging from fight or flight, achieving a relaxed state and thus quietening the mind. This process cleanses and releases the thoughts; through various breathwork, enhancing the minds ability to focus on the present without judgement or attachment. 
Discover a New version of Yourself
If you are curious to discover a new version of yourself, or are simply looking for inner-peace and purpose, join Sabbi’s Yoga Immersion day, and allow your body and mind to be filled with gratitude, content and peace.
Sabbi offers a practice for everyone, with incredible technical instruction and support both verbally and physically in correcting alignment, her sequences are creative and designed to connect you to your inner-self whilst developing strength, flexibility and endurance. 
Itinerary:9-9.30amWelcome, meet and greet:Organic hand blended herbal teas, filtered water and naturopathic snacks on arrival.9.30-10am Centering and grounding:Pranayama & Meditation.10-12pm Dance of Shiva Shakti:Hatha, Vinyasa practice.12-2pmNourish, replenish, rest and reset:Nutritious Organic two-course plant-based lunch at Utopia bistro designed by Sir Michael HopkinsSet within Dan Pearson’s walled time: For you to immerse into the environment absorbing the natural beauty of the grounds and taking yourself on a journey of bathe in hammocks while the sun rays filter through the trees connecting you with natures options with additional costs are:Two hours exclusive use of the hydrothermal suite which includes:Clear pool Massage poolSteam Sauna Cost is £15 and towels are provided.(Please book directly with Heather at Avalon Wellbeing Centre)Deep sports massage with in house Avalon team £55 per foot massage also with in house Avalon team £55 per hour.(Please book directly with Heather at Avalon Wellbeing Centre)2pm-4pmInterconnect and counterbalance:(yin, yang)Yin yoga and Hatha yoga accompanied with aromatherapy to invigorate your senses.4pm-5pm Surrender and release:Group activity 5pm-6pmCeremony and close:Fire ceremony at the temple, in the : All equipment is provided no need to bring anything other than a towel for your provided:Manduka matsPlantuelle bolstersBlocks : £, “ I bow to the divine in you”.
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