16. January 2020 - 10:30 till 16:30
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Understanding Your Camera: Part 1 | Park Cameras - Burgess Hill store | Thursday, 16. January 2020

This course aims to explain how to use a Digital SLR Camera by taking you through the various modes and operations including the three key components to exposure - shutter speed, aperture, and ISO/film speeds - and how these can be used to capture specific results, such as portraits, landscapes, macro photography, sports etc. 
This course aims to cover some of the following topics

Basics of DSLR mechanics 
Importance of Sensor Sizes and Crop Factors 
Focusing - manual focus point selection vs. auto selection 
Resolution settings - the advantages and disadvantages of JPEG vs. RAW file formats 
Understanding Exposure - introducing the three core elements - shutter speed, aperture and ISO/film speeds and how these can be influenced by different photographic scenarios 

For a complete overview of topics covered and what is included with this course, please take a look at the full details here:
Park Cameras School of Photography - Understanding your Digital SLR Part One.

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