27. October 2020 - 9:00
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Professional Selling Skills Programme - Cambridge - Oct 27/28 & Dec 1 2020 | The Nucleus | Tuesday, 27. October 2020

3 Day Training and Personal Development Programme for Sales People in the Life Science, Biotechnology and Laboratory Scientific Market Place
If you are looking to improve the capability of your Sales People to do any or all of the following:

Proactively manage the sales process in order to forecast accurately
Manage their sales opportunities to ‘best practice’ standards
Make the very best use of their time and prioritise tasks
Manage their sales territories effectively
Reach the levels of customer contact activity required
Thoroughly qualify their opportunities by gathering the right information, engaging with the right people and understanding the right processes
Tailoring their presentations to the requirements of the customer 
Help the customer see the real value of their offer
Control discounts and sell closer to or at list price
Overcome customer objections and concerns

This 3 Day Open Programme from george james ltd will help address all of the above with a proven approach and practical set of tools developed over many years by our trainers, while working in these industries.  The learning experience is highly interactive and places strong emphasis on practical outcomes. Delegates will gain additional benefit from the experience of other participants on the course. 
Who should attend?  The programme is suitable for Sales People:

Newly recruited into a Field Sales or In-House Sales role
Who have had no formal training to date in their career
Who would benefit from a refresher to check and build on their foundations
And those people looking to advance their career in a selling role. 

Location: The Nucleus, Little Chesterford Research Park, CB10 1XL, UK (near Stansted Airport).
Number of participants: Limited to 10 to ensure everyone can participate and share their views, opinions and experiences.
If you would like to know more please contact: Pru Layton 07860 858178  pru.layton@georgejamesltd.com

The programme is non residential; course materials, lunch and coffee included. Please note that the dates shown above for this programme are subject to change based on participant availability and preferences. 

Professional Selling Skills – Programme Agenda
Day 1

Introduction and setting the scene – reviewing the purpose of the programme
The concept of our comfort zone - the necessity to move outside our comfort zone on a continuous basis – the relationship between change and success
Goal setting – focusing on the areas where we can obtain the greatest return
The Sales Process –the concept of the Sales Funnel / Pipeline and how it relates to our Sales Process – generating accurate order forecasts - managing conflicts with the customers buying process – developing a healthy obsession with the next step / gaining commitment process – working effectively with a CRM – best practice sales opportunity management
Solving the time dilemma – getting organised and setting priorities – planning our time effectively – meeting deadlines - effective use of email / dairy / to do lists
Customer Classification and developing a Territory / Diary / Customer Plan – the key principles for success
Structuring our sales visits in a logical and professional manner – creating the right first impression – understanding what we need to prepare and plan ahead

Day 2

Opening, leading and controlling discussions – questioning and listening techniques –a framework and structure for our conversations – anticipating and handling price based and non-price based objections and concerns
Qualifying and establishing the customers’ requirements - the concept of the complex sale and the effective management of such sales – gathering the right information at a commercial, organisational / political, competitive and scientific level - identification of and working with the customers buying process and decision-making process
Understanding the key players - the typical roles they hold in the different organisations we work with - identifying and getting to such people and the conversations we need to prepare for – understanding the roles they play and their motivations – the world of purchasing – recruiting and working with a sponsor

Day 3

Individual report back exercises from Day 1 and 2 – report back on progress made applying key learning points and agreed actions and commitments
Price or value? – understanding the relationship between the two - proving and selling our product and non-product related value – presenting our offer…trials / demonstrations / evaluations - managing the price discussion through the sales process and focussing on value - presenting the price
Negotiating and Closing the sale – understanding the key principles for success - spotting buying signals – closing techniques – the words we use – the timing – role-play exercise
Self-analysis for self-development – helping ourselves - setting goals for focussing our personal development – analysing performance and challenging ourselves – climbing the sales experience ladder – appointing an ‘accountability partner’
Identification of key learning points from Day 3 and the sales situations in which they will be applied – preparation for the future and opportunities for further report back exercises back in your own organisations – finalising your goals