09. September 2019 - 0:00
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12 Week Challenge | Elite Fitness Ltd | Monday, 09. September 2019

Free to Elite Fitness Members...Speak to us at reception and we will take your Challenge Target Start Up photo..

Starts 9th Sept 2019: 12 weeks to get after game changing levels of strength and conditioning. 

How it works: 
You tell us what you want to achieve. For example you would like to lose 5kg, complete a chin up, run a 26 min 5k or bodyweight deadlift.
We figure out what it will take 
It gets done
We high five. 
You become a legend

Included in the 12 week challenge

12 Weeks Open Gym

Unlimited Access to all classes including Level Up, Hot Yoga, Met *** and Spin. 

No Sweat Intro to help you get clear on your goal

Training Week overview

Shared success is the focus of the 12 week challenge. Your win is our focus or we don’t get paid. Let’s do this and then we are all happy. 
If you don’t achieve your goal and you have followed the program we offer you your money back or you can put it towards the next 12 week challenge if you are enjoying life at Elite Fitness. 
It’s risk FREE and you become a legend. 

Click BUY TICKET to join …
3 months £125 (save £25)
Pay monthly £50

We will be in touch shortly and look forward to working with you
P.S This is our only 12 week challenge this year. Starts 9th Sept 2019