12. March 2019 - 9:30
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HTW Workshops: Health Technology Assessment and Health Economics | Health Technology Wales (HTW) | Tuesday, 12. March 2019

Health Technology Wales (HTW) has collaborated with Life Sciences Hub Wales (LSHW) to introduce you key concepts and methods in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Health Economics (HE) through two interactive and FREE workshops.
Why is this important?
Advances in health technologies will have a major impact on the future of health and social care in Wales.
Our Health Technology Assessment (HTA) workshop will introduce you to key methods used to appraised health technologies and understand their potential value to service users, providers and technology partners.
The Health Economics (HE) workshop will introduce you to the methods of economic evaluation used to understand the cost effectiveness and impact on resources of health and care technologies.
Both workshops will use live examples from HTW, the body responsible for producing national guidance to maximise value and optimise use of technologies that will improve care in Wales.
Who can attend the workshop?
Everyone! If you have a specialist or passing interest in health and social care, HTA and HE workshops provide introductions to these important subjects.
● NHS front line staff ● NHS Financial, Medical and Planning Directors ● Care commissioners ● Workforce managers ● Patients ● Members of the public ● Academia ● University students ● Technology developers ● Industry representatives
It may be appropriate for you to attend one of the workshops, but you're equally welcome to participate in both. Feel free to recommend the workshops within your workplace to relevant colleagues, too.
What to expect from the workshops?
Each workshop will last 3 hours, effectively a half day.
HTA will be taught by experts from Cedar, an NHS-academic evaluation centre. The workshop will cover: ● What is it for and how is it done? ● Being critical about clinical evidence ●  Decision-makingHE will be taught by experts from Swansea Centre for Health Economics (SCHE). The workshop will cover: ● What is health economics? ● Understanding limited resources in NHS Wales ● How quality of life is measured (QALYs) 
Both workshops will include real examples based on HTW topics. Plus, some HTW staff will be on hand to help in every workshop.
How can you benefit?
●  Each workshop is completely FREE!
●  Increased awareness and understanding of decision making processes, including their relation to policy and clinical commissioning.
●  Transferable skills to apply your new knowledge in your workplace.
●  Networking opportunities with fellow workshop attendees and relevant specialists.
●  Each workshop will enable you to enhance your skills and career.