14. November 2019 - 9:00
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THE MASTER PLAN - Academy 2 | De Vere Village Hotel Cardiff | Thursday, 14. November 2019

This is a unique course which will be unlike any other.
It's an elite academy training course for those that want to upgrade their business profile and opportunities. The course will be full of Industry secrets, creative and social psychology tactics that will get you incredible results.
Social Media Strategy 2 day Accelerator course.
If you have been working for yourself for a long time, running a small business. Or looking after business social media and marketing. Then this course is for you! It will bring you laser focus clarity.. to get you the results you really want! No more chasing vanity metrics. 
Suitable for Start-Ups and SME's 
Welcome to Academy 2
14th and 15th of November 2019
Location: Activation Room, Village Hotel, 29 Pendwyallt Rd, Cardiff CF14 7EF
Coffees, flapjacks, and refreshments on arrival
Lunch provided
Comfort break refreshments and fresh fruit and refreshments in the hub cafe complimentary throughout the day
Free parking 

My rates can be too high for a lot of start-ups and SME's yet the economy is driven by the highest volume of SME's and start-ups in history. They aren't getting the right support or high-quality bespoke training they deserve.
So I have created these courses as a cost-effective way for entrepreneurs to get the best possible training. 
I miss being able to work with start-ups and SME's and support them. It's so rewarding to see people's lives, happiness and confidence transform because of business success. I turn away often between 15-30 clients a month because they don't have budget or resource to work with me. As much as I would love to meet everyone for coffee and offer free advice my time is chargeable and that's not good business for me. So I have come up with this solution that means I can help more people in a way that's really valuable to them and that still makes good business sense to me. A fair deal is always the best deal in business, where all parties are valued and paid accordingly ... you don't just create a customer or client, you create a referral partner.

What the 2-day course looks like
I've built a 2-day social media strategy accelerator.
Day 1 - Everyone creates their own strategy
Day 2- the Start-Up and SME survival guide with daily practice. 
Implementation and some valuable secrets to success.
Everyone gets a phone call before the course so I can run through a questionnaire to ensure each person gets the value they need.
Everyone will get a gift journal with reminders of what they need to do that day/ week/ month to stay on track.
 I think it’s good, to be honest, to show the value in these courses. 
In terms of my costs, my daily fee as a consultant starts at £500I charge £2’500 for a strategy to be created for a client!Bespoke one-off online optimisation £10kMy mixed digital monthly retainers can go to £15k a month for one client and I can manage with harmony about 10 retained. 
Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
Over 20's only
 Do my computer skills need to be good?
You will need basic to intermediate skills across social media and be able to use PowerPoint or keynote.
If you are unsure of anything just drop me a line and I can help advise or reassure.
What are my parking options for getting to and from the event?
Parking is free onsite
What can I bring into the event?
Your laptop and an open well-rested mind.
How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
Yes! Once you have bought your tickets please email hello@siangunneyconsulting.com with your full name and contact details and the best times to call to run through a questionnaire. 
Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?
As long as the right person has had the phone call and questionnaire this is fine.
If you are buying the ticket for your employee just email me to update the details and with that persons' contact number.
If you are buying the ticket as a gift for a friend, partner or family member just email me to update the details and with that persons' contact number.
Contact Details
Email is hello@siangunneyconsulting.com
Phone number 0845 163 0780

Some recent reviews below, more can be found on my LinkedIn profile or on my case studies.

Xavier Rush
Clinic Owner at Head Quarters Hair Transplants. Director at X-Stream Developments Ltd.
September 3, 2019, Xavier was a client of SIAN GUNNEY CONSULTING

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Sian Gunney for the last 18 months. In this time we have launched Head Quarters Hair Transplants, a state of the art hair transplant clinic. Sian has the ability to guide the clients enthusiasm and ideas along a path that will give the greatest exposure and professionalism. Sian wealth of knowledge, contact-base, ideas are second to none. I have enjoyed her energy, honesty, and her loyalty to each client. I don't want to say too much as someone will steal her!!

Catherine Demaid
Director of Learning and Development at Chrysalis Mindset Coaching
July 23, 2019, Catherine worked with SIAN GUNNEY CONSULTING in different groups

Working with Sian is amazingly inspirational. She will leave you spell bound with her breadth of view and creative vision. Commercially and emotionally intelligent, this superb woman is a true asset to any organisation. Sian is exceptionally well networked, innovative and above all real. There is a true human side to Sian. She oozes integrity, honesty and trust and above all, when you work with this fantastic woman you will enjoy every moment of it!

Lynn Abhulimen
Brand Guardian at inspire me| BYP Network Cardiff Leader
July 8, 2019, Lynn was a client of SIAN GUNNEY CONSULTING

Sian Gunney is a powerhouse. She has unmatched energy and with her ability to think outside of the box she creates the most amazing campaigns that make you think ‘how did I not think of this, it’s perfect’ and better still breaks everything down in easy to digest chunks to make the impossible seem possible. I know I’m not alone when I say working with her has been one of best decisions we’ve made. I absolutely recommend working with Sian - you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Lyndsey Ward
Multi- Entrepreneur 
April 7, 2019, Lyndsey worked with SIAN RACHEL in different groups

Sian is a strong multifunctional professional who has devoted herself to the social media business. I can't preach enough about Sian as she has a unique approach to business. She has something that can't be taught. She is a snappy thinker, understanding a commercial balance from every aspect of the business. Its been an absolute pleasure working with Sian and she has taught me so much within this sector, things everyone should know when running a social media account within business. 

Mark Stevenson
Clever websites and memorable brands. Managing Director at Karolo Design, a creative web design agency in Cardiff
July 23, 2019, Mark was a client of SIAN GUNNEY CONSULTING

I've worked with Sian on a number of projects and can't recommend her highly enough. Her passion, dedication ,and drive for success is truly something to admire. Sian creatively implements strategies with a laser-like focus on results, helping her clients to go above and beyond their objectives. If you work with Sian you'll be challenged, you'll be excited, you’ll move fast, but most importantly... you'll get results

Louise Marchesin
Marketing Professional
May 9, 2019, Louise was a client of SIAN GUNNEY CONSULTING

I worked with Sian for over a year at Bottled Science Ltd. She is an incredible professional and very good at what she does. We work very differently which, I believe, gave us an edge. She taught me everything I know about Social Media, making me aware of the strength of this channel and how to use it to push and support all aspects of Marketing and PR. Sian is highly motivated and deeply passionate about everything she does - both personally and professionally. I admire her professionalism and her ability to sense a situation and make the most of it. She has been instrumental is laying the foundation to our Social Media strategy. I have enjoyed our dynamic partnership and wish you all the best of luck for the future. 

Katherine Agong
Transport Planner and Transportation Engineer doing consulting and research.
February 16, 2018, Katherine worked with SIAN RACHEL but at different companies

Sian is a master in the area of PR and marketing. She is very creative, helpful and passionate about what she does. She strives for the best in all that she does and has the best personality to suit!!!! I have been really impressed with the energy and work ethic that Sian displays!

Ali Souini
Real Estate Broker at Ali & Chris Homes | Maisons - Remax Cadibec inc.
June 30, 2018, Ali worked with SIAN RACHEL but at different companies

Sian is a hardworking reliable businesswoman who I have known for some time. Sian is trustworthy and consistent in all that she does. For all these reasons, I can highly recommend Sian without reservation to any business. One of the best marketing people I have had the pleasure of working with!”

Matt Shaw
Chief Analyst at Knightsbridge Trading Academy
January 23, 2018, SIAN RACHEL worked with Matt in the same group

Sian is not only a passionate, genuine businesswoman but also holds the same qualities as an individual too. I find that Sian works with the highest level of integrity. She never fails to give less than 100% on any task or problem that can sometimes carry a heavy-weight for even the sharpest of entrepreneurs. I have no issue in recommending Sian through any of funnel of business, as I can truly say she is a creator. 

Alex Lloyd Jenkins
Designer + Photographer
July 2, 2019, Alex reported directly to SIAN GUNNEY CONSULTING

Sian has a limitless energy and passion for the brands she works with. She really goes on the full journey with every brand she encounters, and immerses herself fully into the culture, ambitions ,and strategy to lead it forward in her measured, calm and truly creative way. I’ve worked with Sian on various campaigns over the years and she delights and surprises me every time with her attention to detail, creativity, ideas generation and all-round brand and campaign game (which seems to be upped at every stage or project I’ve worked with her on!) She’s a delight to work with, super professional, constantly pushing and encouraging not only me but every member of the teams she works with. Can’t recommend her highly enough. Go on Sian! 

Mark Cuddihy
Director of Hockey at Cardiff Fire
April 14, 2017, Mark was a client of SIAN GUNNEY CONSULTING

Sian gave a fantastic service to the Cardiff Devils. Her knowledge of social media and event management was exactly what we needed. Sian also helped the business with various contacts she had around the City. I would highly recommend the services of Sian

 A small selection of case studies can be viewed here : http://bit.ly/SGCCaseStudies
Full case studies available on request via hello@siangunneyconsulting.com