13. October 2019 - 9:30 till 17:00
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The Money Diet - We'll Save You £500+PA or Your Money Back!! Guaranteed!!! | Future Inn Cardiff Hotel | Sunday, 13. October 2019

The "Legendary" Money Diet Course has landed in Bristol!!!You read right.....attend this course....and if you don't have a plan to save £500+ per annum by the end of the day....we'll refund your course fee in full! Guaranteed!!!
How Will We Achieve This?
We'll walk you through three key steps to deliver your personal savings plan....
Step 1: The Big Why?
Like trying to lose weight, you'll come unstuck if you don't have a BIG WHY to pull you through to achieve your goals.
We'll work with you creating your BIG WHY!!
Maybe these are some or all of your financial goals:

Being Debt Free
Going on Holiday
Having more money in your back pocket
Buy your First House
Buying a New Car

Whatever your goal or BIG WHY we'll be making it even stronger & bigger so you achieve your goal!
Step 2: Create Your Own Personal Budget
The key element of this course will be to create your own personal budget. This will show you how much money you have coming in and where it all goes! 
We'll talk you through step by step to create your budget. Along the way we will see how we can reduce each of your bills so that you start to build your plan to save you AT LEAST £500+ per annum. 
Part of the Power of this course lies within attending the group training. Here you will learn from others where they have had success but also how you compare with some of your bills.
Step 3: How to Manage Your Money Going Forward
The Final part of the course will teach you how to plan your expenditure in advance so that you never go overdrawn again or get caught out with unexpected bills. 
A MAJOR reason MOST people go in to debt is due to a lack of planning.
We'll put a stop to this once & for all by teaching you to forecast your spending & income over the next month / 2 months.
This way you will anticipate problems before they occur and be able to take evasive action to avoid calling on your overdraft or credit card! 
What's a course like with The Money Gym?
We keep are courses small. They'll only be 12 of you there. Why? So we can ensure you get the help you need in creating your £500+pa savings plan!!
We make our courses FUN!! Not dull & boring...just numbers all day! Boo! You'll learn lots about why you spend in the way you do and how to make better choices to work towards your financial freedom. It's as much about mindset as well as learning lots of "really" useful tips & tricks in reducing your bills to get more money in your back pocket!!
The venue is excellent...This is a modern hotel with the latest fancy features & air ***! They'll be tea & coffee PLUS Biccies!! throughout the day. We'll stop for lunch and there are some great venues all within a short walk
Car Parking: We've negotiated a 50% discount on your car parking fees. You'll need to park at the Cabot Circus car park and just validate your ticket when leaving the venue at reception. The hotel is actually connected to the car park and has signs from the car park to the hotel. 
Let's Summarise for you....
A fun day packed full of ways to get extra money in to your back pocket. 
Learn how to Budget & Manage your money
Guaranteed Savings Plan of £500+ pa or your course fee paid back in full! PS To date everyone has made way more this on the day!!
You can't lose.....make money....or get your money back in full!!! 
So what are you waiting for..... Get Booking your ticket Now! :-)