10. September 2020 - 18:30 till 20:00
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Cultural Capital in the Early Years Workshop | Child's Play Private Nursery | Thursday, 10. September 2020

This workshop explores ‘Cultural Capital’ & what it looks like in early years settings and challenges you not to over complicate the delivery!
Workshop overview:
I have been saddened lately with some of the responses I have heard when it comes to the discussion and implementation of cultural capital in early years settings. With some people saying it's impossible to deliver because my staff are 'not cultured’ or have ‘don't have diverse life experiences’ so how can they educate children. STOP- this is not culture capital; it is so much more and so much simpler! 
Before we start thinking about quickly booking those trips to museums or paying hundreds for theatre companies to come into settings when lets **** it Early Years settings are struggling to make the so called 'free funding' work I challenge you to consider if you are actually already doing it in your setting?
The workshop will challenge you and your understanding of what Cultural Capital is in your setting. 

Who can attend this workshop?
* Early Years Practioners
*Early Years managers and Seniors
* Childminders
*Business owners

Additional information:
* You will have a chance to have a viewing of Child's Play Private Nursery
* Meet the team
* Light refreshments provided
* Networking opportunity at the end of the session

Please Note: there is a No Refund Policy