25. September 2019 - 9:30 till 16:00
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2019 Flights - 'Utter Nutter' aerobatics experience | Goodwood Aerodrome | Wednesday, 25. September 2019

Ultimate High - 'Utter Nutter' Aerobatic Experience
Date: 25th September 2019
Location: Goodwood Aerodrome
Minimum fundraising target - £1000 + registration
Take to the skies for the ultimate flying experience with military trained aerobatic pilots
Join Ultimate High at their home base, at glorious Goodwood Aerodrome.
Your day will include:
Arrive at Goodwood Aerodrome

·         Welcome /all day refreshments
·         Use of high quality military flying suits, headsets, and "Top Gun" name badges
·         Informative and entertaining multimedia briefing by our senior fighter pilots. Includes instruction on how to fly the   aircraft and all safety procedures.
·         Your Ultimate High flight(s) with your ex-military instructor pilot
·         Light "Picnic" Lunch
·         Group Debrief - "Tea & Medals" as required
·         Signed Flight Certificates, including any special awards ("G-Monster", "Girl's Blouse" etc!)
·         Air Combat linked Flight Simulators available for guests while not flying
·         Tours of the aircraft hangars (including Spitfire hangar if available)
·         Aerodrome & Motor Circuit "Treasure Hunt" available for guests while not flying

Flight Profile:
Utter Nutter:
This flight profile is only for the most extreme individuals on the planet!  Flown in the world’s top two-seat certified competition aerobatic aeroplane (the Extra300) with a top air display pilot, you will have the opportunity to experience the massive forces experienced at the very edge of the flight performance envelope!
After a detailed flight and safety briefing, you will be introduced to the effects of controls and aerobatics.
Then – can you handle – THE BIG FIVE EXTREME MANOEUVRES?
1. CravatYour introduction to the world of gyroscopics. A vertical twisting manoeuvre so named because it resembles the instructions used to teach people how to do up a bow tie.2. Inverted loopThe Extra has a symmetrical wing and so everything that can be done the right way up can also be done upside down! For this the aeroplane is rolled upside down in level flight, and then ‘pushed’ at -3G to fly an outside or inverted loop.3. RuadeOne of the most dramatic of all the gyroscopic figures and used to great effect at Airshows. At high speed, the Extra is pulled up to 45 degrees, rolled onto its side in knife edge flight, and then ‘tumbled tail over nose! Ruade is a French word used to describe the huge kick from the hind leg of a horse.4. Inverted push-up to LomcevakFrom upside down flight, the Extra is pushed upwards onto the 45degree inverted upline and then ‘kicked’ into a Lomcevak tumble. The name allegedly comes from a Czech word describing the motion of a drunken man!5. MulleroidInvented by World Aerobatic Champion Eric Mueller, this incredibly complex figure starts with a 6G pull to the vertical upline, where an aileron roll to the right is followed by a series of negative flick rolls. As the energy declines and the cone of rotation expands the aircraft is transitioned into a downwards erect flat accelerated spin.
Watch the Utter Nutter film on YouTube
- Height, weight and health limits apply.- There is a dedicated Just Giving fundraising page set up for this event.  Click here to start your fundraising journey
For further information, please contact: challenges@rafa.org.uk
For more information about the RAF Association go to our website
Relax and enjoy the ride!
 1. How do I get to Goodwood Aerodrome?
Ultimate High is based at Goodwood Aerodrome & Motor Circuit, Chichester, PO18 0PH.  It is just north of Chichester, only 60 miles from London, and 30 miles from Brighton and Southampton.  The Goodwood Motor Circuit is also located at the Aerodrome.
As they are not signposted, please follow the directions below:
Once at the Aerodrome / Motor Circuit, pass through the tunnel and follow the road round to the left.  Continue all the way to the end of the tree-lined road (you will see "Goodwood Aerodrome" in large letters on the side of a white building straight ahead of you) and bear left again and park.  We are in a small building on your right as you look south at the skidpan.
 2. Are there any Medical, Age or Weight restrictions?
For the Utter Nutter flight profile, we can fly anyone aged 16 and over, as long as they fulfil the medical, height and weight criteria.  You must also be physically capable of getting in and out of the aircraft without assistance**.
You will be required to complete a Medical Self-Certification Form before flying with us - if you have any doubts or answer any questions with a "yes" you should contact your GP (your GP may charge you for this).  If you are aged 71 or over, as a formality, we will require a letter from your doctor confirming your suitability to fly with us.  There is no upper age limit to fly with us.  NB if you are already a pilot with a current medical, the above does not apply.
Extra300 Aircraft Limits:  Weight limit* is 15 stone 7 lbs (98kg).  Minimum height 5ft (1.52m).  Maximum height 6ft 4" (1.93m). T67 Firefly Aircraft Limits:  Weight limit* is 17 stone (108kg).  Minimum height 5ft (1.52m).  Maximum height 6ft 5". (1.95m)
* Weight limits are based on participant weight fully clothed and wearing shoes. **As you will usually be wearing a parachute during your flight, you should also be physically capable of operating a parachute in the event of an emergency. 
 If you have any doubts or queries about your health or fitness, please contact challenges@rafa.org.uk and you may be required to obtain a doctor’s letter stating fitness to fly.
 3. What should I wear?
It is essential that you wear light flat shoes with good grips - trainers are ideal.  We shall kit you out in genuine military flying suits - please wear comfortable casual clothes to go underneath - ie trousers/shorts, T shirt, and sweater.  Ladies should not wear skirts/ dresses.  It is a good idea to bring a light jacket as it can be exposed on the airfield.  Sunglasses are also recommended.  
Loose objects (including cameras, go-pros and phones) are not allowed in the aircraft cockpit. 
Before entering the aircraft, you will be asked to empty your pockets of keys, change etc, and remove any jewellery (other than watches and stud earrings), hairgrips etc.  Valuables can either be safe kept in the crew room or left in your car.
4. Should I eat before I fly?
It is difficult to offer advice on this one as everyone is different.  We normally suggest that you eat a light breakfast/snack 1-2 hours before you fly as flying aerobatics on an empty stomach (which causes low blood sugar) can increase the propensity for airsickness. 
A heavy meal just before your flight is not recommended, and neither is strong tasting food and drink (coffee in particular can cause nausea), and alcohol MUST be avoided.
We will provide a light buffet lunch and soft drink refreshments through the day. 
5. How much of the flying can I do myself?
LOTS!!!!  All our flights teach you how to fly the aircraft and you are encouraged to do as much (or as little) of the flying as you like.  As you will be participating in a trial lesson, your flight with us will count towards a private pilot's licence and you will be able to fly the aircraft in all regimes of flight apart from close formation, take off and landing.
You will be offered the chance to carry out aerobatic manoeuvres yourself, even if you have never flown in a light aircraft before, all under the close guidance of your instructor who will show you the way. 
6. How extreme is the flying? Will I feel sick? Will I have fun?
Second only to safety is our pledge to you to enjoy yourself.  It is an experience you will never forget.  Many people enjoy it so much they come back again and again. 
We tailor all flights to the individual, and can provide anything from a gentle flying lesson around the area to extreme aerobatics and everything in between, depending on your nerves or your g-tolerance.  This will all be discussed as part of the initial briefing session, and will be continually monitored during the flight by our experienced instructors.
Please note that the ‘Utter Nutter’ flight does include gyroscopic aerobatics, which involve higher ‘g-forces’ than other profiles. 
7. Are the flight experiences suitable for Pilots as well as Non-Pilots?
Yes!  The team fly with all kinds of people including very experienced pilots. 
8. What about the weather?
All flying is subject to weather, aircraft serviceability, pilot rosters and airfield availability.  We will arrange a weather check a couple of days before the event and let you know if the day needs to be rescheduled. This is all for your safety. 
9. What happens on the day?:
One arrival, you will be met by the team.
The Ultimate High team will take you through a thorough but entertaining flight briefing
Guests will be given an order of flying and there are other ground based activities to enjoy when not flying.
This is a whole day experience, but don’t worry if you need to depart early, we will do our best to fit that into the schedule.
At the end of the day we will gather for ‘tea and medals’ with a debrief on the day. 
10. Can you recommend any local accommodation?
There is a wide range of places to stay in Chichester and the surrounding area.  The Goodwood Hotel is about 1.5 miles away.  Alternatively, please refer to the Chichester Tourist Office website www.visitchichester.org or www.tripadvisor.com. 
11. Can I bring my friends/family with me and can they watch me fly?  Are dogs allowed?
Any number of family/friends can come to the airfield itself, HOWEVER, due to space constraints, only 1-2 guests per flying participant can be accommodated in our crew room during the flying brief.  We recommend that you do not bring young children as there is little to entertain them at the airfield. 
Dogs are allowed at the Aerodrome, but must be kept on a lead at all times and not cross any fences/barriers (ie cannot go airside).  Dogs are not allowed in our crew room/offices but there is grass space outside our building where you can sit with them or leave them unattended (on a lead).
Please note that our flights do not take place over the airfield, but in the local area - your family/friends will therefore be able to see you take-off and land, but will not be able to see your sortie from the airfield.
For safety and insurance reasons family/friends are not allowed airside. 
12. Videos/Photos - How can I record the day?
We provide a personalised flight certificate signed by your instructor. We automatically video all flights, and it is up to you if you wish to purchase your video after the flight (price £49).  This is a HD video provided on a USB memory stick and can be taken with you on the day.  
The installations have been specifically designed for the aircraft (withstand accelerations of +10g/-10g), and are approved by the CAA.  They generally have good reliability but can occasionally be temperamental.  Should a video not record perfectly in some way, then Ultimate High will not refund any associated flying costs or offer repeat flights for free.
We do not allow participants to wear or use GoPros or cameras in the cockpit. It is not possible to accurately assess the strength or durability of any individual camera harness or mount for appropriateness in a high G environment, and any camera that works loose is a potential missile that might cause injury or damage the cockpit. Camera harnesses are also potential snag points for emergency parachute deployment.
We will take some photos on the day and upload to a Flickr account, to share with you after the event. 
13. Press:
There will be no press invited to the event, however we would love to know your story and why you are undertaking this amazing experience. There will be a short questionnaire that we would love you to complete on the day, which could be sent to your local newspaper after the event.

 We hope you have a wonderful and unforgettable day.
Thank you so much for your support for the RAF Association.