01. July 2019 - 8:30
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Developmental Theory & how our own Inner World impacts our work with Clients - with Jennifer Garvey Berger & The Leadership Circle | Clayton Hotel Chiswick | Monday, 01. July 2019

Developmental Theory & how our own Inner World impacts our work with Clients - with Jennifer Garvey Berger & The Leadership Circle
Jennifer Garvey Berger & The Leadership Circle 2-day Workshop 
Those of us who care about the Leadership Circle Profile also care about the ***** development theory that sits underneath it. As with any powerful tool, developmental theory can be a help, or it can be misused and be harmful to our clients. In order to really deepen our work as developmental coaches, we need to explore developmental theory enough to understand its light and its shadow—and we need to understand our own developmental range so that we don’t project our developmental work on to our clients. In this two-day workshop, you’ll learn to distinguish stereotype from real developmental theory, and you’ll explore your own developmental edges. This will be a fun, deep, interesting exploration of this theory and of your own inner world.
Jennifer Garvey Berger
One of the underpinning frameworks of The Leadership Circle is the theory of ***** Stages of Development. Understanding the connection between the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) and ***** development theory allows for deeper conversations to emerge, opening up possible pathways for leader development when working with your client and their LCP.
Jennifer Garvey Berger is a thought leader in this space. She supports leaders around the world to find their growth edge which enables them to make developmental choices through shifting their own mindset and views of the world. She blends deep theoretical knowledge with a driving quest for practical ways to make leaders’ lives better.
Jennifer has a doctorate from Harvard where her mentor was Bob Kegan, the American developmental psychologist and author. Jennifer is the founder and creator of The Growth Edge Coaching Certification series, which she describes in her book, Changing on the job: Developing leaders for a complex world (Stanford Business Books 2012). We've also been lucky to have Jennifer as one of our Leadership Circle Facilitators for Certification in New Zealand.
The Leadership Circle
The Leadership Circle is a complete system for leadership development, combining best-in-class tools for individuals, teams, and organisations. Our Universal Model of Leadership is the backbone of our assessment tools, coaching practices, and overall individual and organisational development methodology.
If we want to develop more effective leaders, and do that more rapidly and sustainably, we need a more comprehensive approach. The field of leadership development is a fragmented collection of theories and practices. The Leadership Circle has taken the best of what has been learned over the last half century and woven it into the first unified theory of leadership development to arise in the field. Based on this unique framework, we offer a complete and integrated system of leadership development... there is no substitute for effective leadership.
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Monday 1st July 2019 - Tuesday 2nd July 20198.30am - 5pm, both days
Clayton Hotel 626 Chiswick High Rd, ChiswickLondon W4 5RY, UK
Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is provided for both days.
Clayton Hotel has a special offer £172 p/night for workshop guests. Contact hotel directly on +44 20 8996 5200 and reference this workshop.
Registration is open to TLC Certified Community & Guests only
First three chapters of Changing on the Job.