07. October 2019 - 0:00
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FITBANKER 5 Week Challenge :October 2019 | | Monday, 07. October 2019

In this introductory 5-module online Challenge you start to gain access to the Science of Transformative Health, FITBANKER’s pioneer education model. You will learn the 5 pillars integral to altering your current lifestyle and optimising your health and wellbeing status. The Challenge is on for 5 weeks. Each week you will learn about a new pillar. This online Challenge is open to anyone above the age of 16.
What You will Learn about optimal:• Physical Activity: the mimimum activity required to kickstart your health journey• Eating: What foods & food habits make you, and what foods break you• Sleep: How to boost productivity & energy with the right rest habits • Mind: The impact of psychology on physiology • Relationships: The connection between the body, mind and relationships
Requirements:Approximately 1-2 hours per module per week watching the weekly video lectures, reviewing the readings (via email), and completing assignments. You will need a device that allows you to watch videos, access to email to read course materials and assignments, and access to WhatsApp and Facebook.
We highly recommend you cover weekly assignments as per design. At the end of each week you complete and submit your weekly statistics. Your FITBANKER Coaches will hold you accountable to this!
Unlike our flagship 90 Day Challenge, this challenge does not require you to publicly post your photos. Any public posting or sharing of your learnings, reflections, progress is entirely optional as per personal preference.

About the Host:
In a world with lifestyle diseases & stress at an all-time high and now the biggest cause of death, FITBANKER is committed to end lifestyle-induced diseases, through Education and not Medication.