22. November 2019 - 16:00 till 18:00
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121 Public Speaking Coaching | Online or In-house | Friday, 22. November 2019

121 PUBLIC SPEAKING COACHING  is an opportunity to develop your skills in a personalised format focussing on your specific needs. Caoching session dates can be arranged and it can be a one off session, or over a few days or a few weeks. We will go through the '10 Step Public Speaking Sucess' System and deal with specific areas of challenge such as using umm's and filler words!
Listen to a few testimonials from previous clients who have accessed our public speaking training courses and workshops: Mr W   Mr D   Ms K   Ms D   
This training is very engaging and practical, and can take place at your place of work, or via zoom/skype.
You will leave the training with:-

Increased confidence in your public speaking skills

New strategies in delivering your story or content

Opportunities for supportive feedback 

Tips on how to embed the learning 

To arrange your coching session email fran@elevatecoaching.org.uk 
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Trainer:
Francesca McDowall is the Director of Elevate Coaching & Consultancy Ltd. She is a Coach, Public Speaker and Events Manager at a local Social Enterprise. Formerly the Managing Director of Training Kings, a Christian Business Network, Francesca has supported hundreds of Christians in Business throughout the UK, and now impacts others through own Coaching and Consultancy Business. Holding an Masters in Coaching and Mentoring Francesca has a passion to see individuals fulfil their purpose, and overcome life’s challenges through reframing, and being solution focussed. Francesca's career has span both the public and private sector, where she has worked as an Early Years Consultant and Business Strategy Manager, and loves to encourage and iinsire others. 

Check out the feedback from individuals who have previously worked with us:
“ …you instilled courage, confident and faith in me to rise to the challenge and do my very best. As a result of your direct input, I was able to give the audience something tangible, something of value. I left them asking for more …” Miss L  
“… it was a beautiful experience … you make it all so easy and do able - thank you…”   Ms. W