17. February 2019 - 9:00
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Arm GICv3/v4 EssentialCommunity | | Sunday, 17. February 2019

This training topic covers the essential information that you need to know for programming a Generic interrupt Controller (GIC) using an implementation of Arm's GICv3/v4 architecture specification.

A working knowledge of system-on-chip design

The course is relevant to anyone who needs an understanding of the GIC's role in the system, especially if you need to write software that works with the GIC in your system.
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1 hour


Introduction ​

Welcome message
What is an interrupt controller?
History of Arm's GIC

GIC Principles  ​

GIC Principles - an overview
Interrupt types
Interrupt states
Level sensitive interrupts
Edge triggered interrupts
Interrupt security group settings
Interrupt security example
GIC Principles - FAQs

Setting up a GIC   ​

The GIC's interfaces

Initializing a GIC   ​

Initializing the GIC with the distributor
Assessing each core's power state
Configuring core interrupt settings
Configuring interrupts (SPI, SGI, and PPI)
Configuring interrupts (LPI)
How the ITS works
Configuring the ITS

Handling Interrupts   ​

Handling interrupts
Acknowledging interrupts
Priority drop and deactivation
Reserved INTIDs 1020 - 1023
Handling interrupts - FAQs
Further reading