10. August 2017 - 12:00
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Boomtown CH 9 - Behind the Mask | Thursday, 10. August 2017

WELCOME to the ‘Chapter 9: Behind The Mask’ Community page…

If you'd like to stay connected to your community, keep on top of the ever unfolding antics in the aftermath of the Revolution and uphold the spirit of our true hometown throughout the year, you’re in the right place!

All debate and discussion is welcomed and taken on board but please be aware, we’ve got the music bit under control… ;)
We all feel passionately about the music that gets booked and have a pretty robust policy of inclusiveness and expansiveness, with acts that fit with our deep love of musical variety.

Some of you live for certain styles alone, some of you don't, but the overriding uniting factor is our passion- that is music's greatest pleasure; it means something different to everyone. No-one should judge that feeling, or tell someone theirs are wrong.

Keeping with the ethos of the festival, please be aware that stereotypical language and derogatory comments will not be tolerated. Underground music is filled with different cultures and societies and the foundation of Boomtown is based on inclusion and acceptance; freethinking people with tolerance and acceptance at their heart.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and debate is massively encouraged, but it must be done with respect and understanding for your fellow citizens. Anyone found trolling, using negative behaviour or derogatory language will have their posts deleted.

Please please PLEASE be wary of people selling tickets who are not from our verified ticket sellers! If the person selling the ticket to you won't officially change to your name, do NOT buy it. We don't want anyone stranded at the Boomtown gates.

We look forward to sharing memories, finding friends and preparing ourselves for the adventure that, undoubtedly, Chapter 9 will bring!

Big love **

P. S The bridge will not be returning next year, apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for the feedback!
  • If anyone is in need of a lift from Devon at 7am tomorrow then send me a message!
  • Need a seat back to Bristol on Monday paaaleaaaase will pay petty ***
  • Do you have a barbers
  • not sure if this is a silly question BUT we've got our carpark pass - can we park anywhere we want or do we have to go to a specific car park?👽🌺👯
  • Just checking if we are able to go out to our car during the festival if we need to? Thinking of leaving some emergency dry clothes in ours in case we need them.
  • gonna be driving in for 9 tonight, whats the deal with car passes can i buy them on the gate?
  • Can you take Bluetooth speakers into the festival?
  • People already there......whats the ground / mud like?
  • Does anybody know when Alok is playing? X
  • Good morning Boomtowners! - Good news... the sun has got his hat on 🌞 - Traffic is moving slowly from all directions this morning especially the camper van entrance, please bear with us and thank you for your patience. - Searches are very thorough this year - speed up the queues by disposing of your glass in the amnesty bins provided. - Follow us on twitter @BoomtownFair for regular traffic updates.
  • How do I know if I've got north car parking or west??? My tickets bright pink?
  • Hi, we haven't received our car parking pass yet and have emailed btcars but have not received a reply. What shall we do??
  • I still havent received my parking permit in the post. Tried emailing and calling loads but cant get through to anyone. Can you send me something to show at the doors so I can still get in to park please
  • Free National Express bus ticket from Victoria coach station to Winchester Friday morning departing at 8am if anyone doesn't want to see it go to waste
  • Do I need to print my ticket or can I use it on my phone? :)
  • Can someone PLEASE tell me how to change the name on my ticket?????? Stressing!!!!
  • Is anyone heading to the festival tomorrow from Bristol with space for me and my boyfriend?
  • CAREFUL! Just realised I hadn't updated details on my tickets I bought from Ticket Sellers. It said 'MD' (missing details) on the tickets. Have to log on and add them especially if you bought multiple tickets for friends but they're all in your name.
  • Is there a certain address for the drop off point? Or do we just put the general post code in and there will be signs? I feel like I sound really dumb haha 😂🙈
  • Printer is being a *****. Tickets in the iPhone passbook are all good right?
  • Hey, my girlfriend bought the tickets for us and they are both in her name. She went onto the ticketseller account and they are not showing up - so can't change one to my name. The tickets say that the name on the tickets must match your ID which is my concern as my name isnt on my ticket. Anyone know if this is fine?
  • Looking for a lift from Bristol on thursday!!! Im so desperate pleaseeeeee!!!! :D
  • It says that sound systems aren't aloud. Are phone speakers (minirig) Allowed?
  • Can you enter the festival with a full weekend ticket on a Saturday?
  • Any know if they have two queues again? One for wristband and then one to be searched?