10. August 2017 - 12:00
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Boomtown CH 9 - Behind the Mask | Thursday, 10. August 2017

WELCOME to the ‘Chapter 9: Behind The Mask’ Community page…

If you'd like to stay connected to your community, keep on top of the ever unfolding antics in the aftermath of the Revolution and uphold the spirit of our true hometown throughout the year, you’re in the right place!

All debate and discussion is welcomed and taken on board but please be aware, we’ve got the music bit under control… ;)
We all feel passionately about the music that gets booked and have a pretty robust policy of inclusiveness and expansiveness, with acts that fit with our deep love of musical variety.

Some of you live for certain styles alone, some of you don't, but the overriding uniting factor is our passion- that is music's greatest pleasure; it means something different to everyone. No-one should judge that feeling, or tell someone theirs are wrong.

Keeping with the ethos of the festival, please be aware that stereotypical language and derogatory comments will not be tolerated. Underground music is filled with different cultures and societies and the foundation of Boomtown is based on inclusion and acceptance; freethinking people with tolerance and acceptance at their heart.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and debate is massively encouraged, but it must be done with respect and understanding for your fellow citizens. Anyone found trolling, using negative behaviour or derogatory language will have their posts deleted.

Please please PLEASE be wary of people selling tickets who are not from our verified ticket sellers! If the person selling the ticket to you won't officially change to your name, do NOT buy it. We don't want anyone stranded at the Boomtown gates.

We look forward to sharing memories, finding friends and preparing ourselves for the adventure that, undoubtedly, Chapter 9 will bring!

Big love **

P. S The bridge will not be returning next year, apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for the feedback!
  • We've got some truly exhilarating discussions planned for Chapter 9, check out the line up below for Speaker's Corner this year x See our website for the full discussion descriptions here >> http://www.boomtownfair.co.uk/whistlers-green/speaker-s-corner/ <<
  • Map walk around - Get to know the city before you arrive. - downloadable map will be available from next Wednesday. **
  • Is anyone selling a campervan pass please?! X
  • Does anybody have a campervan ticket for sale?
  • Any campervan passes going spare?
  • Desperately looking for a camper van pass, please message me or comment if you have one!! Thanks
  • Need a lift from Birmingham off someone who is working and going down on the 9th before 6 pm for team briefing? Help me, I provide good vibes and petrol moneys xo
  • BOOMTOWN 370 people wanting campervan passes on ticket swap! PLEASE PLEASE put some more on sale only 24hrs 😂👍 Will help with the littering and abandon tents too! COME GUYS LIKE AND SHARE LIKE AND SHARE!
  • Can I purchase camper van pass on the gate??????
  • Heya! When does the playing schedule come out?
  • When's the map being released please 🙏🏼
  • I've just seen parking tickets have sold out will there be anymore or can we pay there on the gate?
  • When will shuttlebus service timetable for Winchester be released?
  • How are fellow Londoners getting to Boomtown? Anybody got room for three?
  • Are all car park tickets sold out?
  • Is it 10th till 13th or till 14th?? Poster says 13th and on the page it says 14th.. Got me confused if there's been a extra day added??
  • Boomtown, has reserved camping sold out? Cannot locate on Ticket sellers website? 😩
  • ANY WORK GOING????🎪🎪🎪hi there been going to boomtown since 2010...when it was flat haha....have done stewarding for yooz.(got NVQ)...helping DJS etc got to goto boomtown crew party baskerville hall...a-maz-ing 1920s stylie recently worked gate at FREEKENCY and did the bar ar TOTAL RESISTANCE party also in portugal...we are already sheduled to work bar at next TR party in sardinia in sept would need work before n after fest ideally 🚐🚎🚌🔈🎵
  • has anyone who bought coach tickets from the website heard anything back or am i just being paranoid fml
  • Anyone know whats happening with parking tickets this year? Is there separate tickets for east or north carparks or just one general parking ticket? Bit confused! **
  • When will times be released?
  • what parking do we need to get for hilltop? cheers. Sammie Galea
  • Anybody driving from Manchester got a spare seat in their car?
  • Yo Boom! The latest email can't be serious about confiscating costume props? Pirates need a sword, and cowboys need a gun!