18. August 2018 - 14:00 till 17:00
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Boundaries Breakthrough Afternoon | | Saturday, 18. August 2018

The goal in attracting a great partner is to feel safe, supported, respected and happy. You feel wanted, unconditionally accepted and loved.

The key to this is setting healthy boundaries. Boundaries can be thought of as setting limits, guidelines, or ground rules and they’re unique for each person.
This Breakthrough session is for people who want to set clearer boundaries. Participants will explore the origins and dynamics of their old patterns and discover new and healthier ways of caring for self and relating to others.
During the session, we will identify challenging patterns, help you consider the historical roots of the issue, and empower you to make a meaningful and practical change to develop healthy boundaries and improve relationships

Many of the struggles people experience in relationships are, at heart, caused by some problems in the areas of freedom and responsibility.By freedom, I mean your ability to make choices based on your values, rather than fear or guilt.
Free people make commitments because they feel it's the right thing to do, and they are wholehearted about it.By responsibility, I mean your ability to keep the relationship healthy and loving, while being able to say no.
Responsible people take responsibility for their part of the relationship, but they don't tolerate harmful or inappropriate behaviour.
This is going to be a fun fast paced experiential afternoon where we will:

Identify and use personal boundaries to build healthy relationships.
Define personal boundaries
Understand what boundaries DO and DON’T DO
Identify when personal boundaries are being broken
Practice setting boundaries
How to reinforce boundaries
Create an Action Plan to change any unwanted boundary patterns.

As always the session is limited to 8-10 people so that each participant can get the attention they deserve and need from me.