01. December 2035 - 19:30
The Moon
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Bucky Party On The Moon | Saturday, 01. December 2035

Scientists have estimated that we’ll have a colony on the moon by around 2034. So we’re guessing that Bucky will make a similar leap shortly after.

Therefore we are welcoming you to the 1st ever Bucky Moon Party on 1st December 2035 (that’s a Saturday)!

We know its 20 years away, but just think 20 years ago Oasis’s “Wonderwall” was in the charts, Braveheart was just released and One Direction were just a bunch of stupid babies who couldn’t string a sentence together.

This is gonna be a classy affair, so tuxedos and ball gowns only. You’ll have to make your own way there but we assume Ryanair and Easyjet will be doin cheap deals.

We’re in the process of getting some A-listers & entertainment organised, so join up to this exclusive out of this world party before the Moon ends up like another Magaluf or Benidorm