19. September 2019 - 12:00
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Cycle Zurich – Oktoberfest 2019 | | Thursday, 19. September 2019

Join us for this unique cycling event (19th – 24th September 2019), setting off from the picturesque Zurich, finishing at the fun-packed Oktoberfest, in Munich, where a table awaits!
Conquering approximately 410 km in four days, you’ll cycle through an Alpine fairy tale of forests, mountains and lakes.
Crossing our finish line in Münich just in time for Oktoberfest, you’ll swap your bikes for beer and celebrate your Alps-some achievement with a smashing celebration at the largest festival in the world, with six million people attending each year! If beer is not your thing, worry not, there is plenty to whet your appetite.
Brace yourself for a challenge of a lifetime in support of Orchid’s, Fighting Male Cancer, helping those affected by or interested in prostate, testicular or penile cancer.
So grab your helmet and get on your bike!
In return, we will provide you with:

A dedicated member of the team to ensure you meet your target and have fun
A cycling jersey
Some great fundraising materials, with lots of tips
A training guide

Registration fee: £149
Minimum Sponsorship: £2,400 
 Orchid Cycle Zurich to Münich 2019  This cycling challenge will take us through Switzerland and Germany beginning in Zurich and ending in Münich. Approximately 410 km distance will be cycled over four days with the distances tapering a little on the last two days where it is steeper. It will be a challenge but a rewarding one through lovely towns and villages, views over lakes and a backdrop of the Alps.  We will end in Munich for a well-earned celebration at Oktoberfest, now the largest festival in the world with 6 million people attending each year!  Day 1 - UK to Zurich  Catch a flight of your choice to Zurich and meet at the hotel for a good overnight rest. You will need to get dinner yourself on your way today or when you get to Zurich.  Day 2 – Zurich to Lindau              Approx. 125 km  After breakfast, a quick bike fitting and meeting the guides we cycle towards Lake Constance. There we will take a ferry crossing the border of Switzerland and Germany. We go around the eastern part of Lake Constance, which is called the "Upper Lake" or "Obersee". We will pass several towns along the way but the most famous towns are Constance, Meersburg, Friedrichshafen and Lindau. Enjoy the beautiful landscape during your journey along the lakeshore, on your right are beautiful views of the Alps. Overnight stay in Lindau.  Day 3 – Lindau to Füssen                                                                                                 Approx. 125 km  The cycle route takes us across hilly alpine upland offering charming views of the Alps, idyllic lakes and forests. It begins in Lindau (Lake Constance) in the hilly, densely wooded Allgäu lower alpine landscape. Past the Großer Alpsee, Rottach-Stausee and Hopfensee, it reaches the fairy-tale town of Füssen. Overnight stay in Füssen.  Day 4 - Füssen to Bad Tölz                                                                                               Approx. 100 km  Coming from Füssen the route merges with the “Romantische Straße” to Halblech or Wieskirche. The cycle route branches off to the east on the Königsweg, winds through the forests of the Ammergau Mountains and heads past Bad Kohlgrub and the Murnau Moss to Eschenlohe. Running south along the Loisach River, we will reach the cliffs of the Wetterstein Mountains of Garmisch-Partenkirchen with great views. Starting from Eschenlohe the cycle route continues along the Loisach River towards the northeast to the Kochelsee and through the Loisach Moor, partly on the Prälaten-Radweg, to Bad Tölz. Overnight stay in Bad Tölz.  Day 5 - Bad Tölz to Münich                                                                                                Approx. 60 km  We start our way North to Münich along the River Isar which we follow for most of the day. As we get closer to Münich we will cycle through the woods of Grünwald. In the afternoon we head to our reserved beer table at the famous Oktoberfest where the beer and well-earned meal is waiting for us. Overnight stay in Münich.  Your trip with us ends here at your hotel so feel free to stay on for longer and enjoy the festival or take a flight home.   *Please note that this itinerary and flights are subject to change at the discretion of the organisers and service providers at any time. Updated 23/03/2018