06. May 2017 - 9:30
Kettelerufer 98, 48431 Rheine, Deutschland
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Deutsche Kanu-Marathonmeisterschaft 2017 + Open-Race | Saturday, 06. May 2017

This year the competition will be performed as the Open German Canoe Marathon Championships. The races are being held under the rules for marathon-racing of the German Canoe Federation (DKV). The competition will take place on river Ems (address: Kettelerufer 98, 48431 Rheine, Germany) with a full lap length of 5,0 km apr. Changes are possible due to the water level of the river.
Competition Programme
K1 Men Youth/Juniors
K2 Women Youth/Juniors
C2 Men Youth/Juniors
K1 Men Masters
K2 Women Masters
C1 Men Masters
C2 Women Seniors
K1 Men Seniors
K1 Women Seniors
K1 Men Pupils
K2 Women Pupils
C1 Men Pupils
C1 Women Pupils
"Open Race"
K2 Men Seniors
K2 Women Seniors
C2 Men Seniors
K2 Men Youth/Juniors
K1 Women Youth/Juniors
C1 Women Youth/Juniors/Seniors
C2 Men Masters
C1 Men Youth/Juniors
K1 Women Masters
K2 Men Masters
K2 Men Pupils
K1 Women Pupils
C2 Men Pupils
Registration: Please send your entries via E-Mail to meldung@wsv-rheine.de. Date of entry must be April the 23rd 2016 at the latest. Please send a bundled registration for each club with Name, Surname; Date of Birth; K1 or K2. Late registration is possible until one day before the race.
For more information please visit