30. July 2019 - 19:00
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Feel Loved: The six-week online programme | Tuesday, 30. July 2019

The Feel LOVED: The six-week online group programme
This is an online event, where participants connect at 7pm Tuesday evenings for 6 weeks. Full details of the schedule are below.

Why is love so complicated? Why does love hurt so much? Why does love seem to be so elusive?
These are important questions and the answers are not so easy to find. Can you identify with the following experiences:
Have you settled for crumbs in your relationship?
Are you baffled why you always attract users, abusers, and losers?
Or do you just hate that you keep getting it wrong again and again?
You may have read self-help books or watched a tonne of YouTube videos about finding long-lasting love and your well-meaning friends, bless them, have given you loads of advice and practical tips.  Yet, in spite of what you know, you’re still entertaining bozos, no-hopers, narcs and sweet talkers who have no idea of your value and worth.
Is it time to stop trying to make them love you?
Is it time to stop giving your all?
Is it time to stop hoping that one day they’ll know your worth?
Because holding on, is not good for your precious heart!
What you need is clarity and understanding and become crystal clear about the factors that influence your love-life dilemmas. I know you have a good heart and a lot of love to give, so don’t give up hope, change is possible! I know your pain and frustrations and as such the Feel LOVED online group programme has been designed specifically to help you learn, explore and take manageable steps to change your life. 
What is the Feel LOVED Programme?
The Feel LOVED online programme is a six-week semi-structured course that mixes teaching, group discussion and weekly goal setting to help you understand the factors that underpin unhelpful intimate relationships. The programme is designed to help you make tangible, realistic changes to your life, so that you gain clarity about how to have more fulfilling loving relationships. Addition benefits from attending the programme are accountability, group camaraderie and comfort knowing that you’re not alone. 
Week 1: Tue 30th JulyWeek 2: Tue 6th AugustWeek 3:  Tue 13th AugustWeek 4: Tue 20th AugustWeek 5: Tue 27th August Week 6: Tue 3rd Sept
7pm every Tuesday for 90 minutes
Where?   The programme takes place for 90 minutes online via Zoom
Structure:   15 mins teaching | 1-hour exploration | 15 mins goal setting
Group size:   8 members (confidentiality agreement has to be signed)
Why now?
I have always had a keen interest in intimate relationships and have built my professional career on learning, understanding and helping others to negotiate the complexities of intimate relationships. As an experienced psychotherapist, it is often affairs of the heart that bring inspire people to seek my services.  Often we’re confused, lost and baffled as to how it all went so drastically wrong and unclear about the way to move forward, especially when we still have feelings for that person. 
Over the years there are consistent themes that show up again and again in the therapy room. In 2017, I decided that I wanted to bring these themes together, in order to create more expansive ways to inspire people. This is where the idea for Feel Loved was birthed. So far, this has resulted in a great deal of exciting new creations including my first book, Why Love Hurts, Workbooks on narcissism and videos, workshops and now, an online programme to engage with a larger audience in a different context.  
In February 2018, I undertook the Feel Loved four-week pilot study with 10 participants. The findings revealed two interesting outcomes.
1. The six consistent themes that fuel unhealthy intimate relationships
2. The six consistent themes that promote healthy intimate relationships
Here are the six consistent themes:
Week 1:                  The hook
Week 2:                  Head over heart or heart over head?
Week 3:                  Feeling good enough - internal influences
Week 4:                  Feeling good enough - external influences
Week 5:                  Borders & Boundaries
Week 6:                  Embracing change and channelling energy
The six-week programme is built upon these themes and develops your insights, through teaching, creative exercises, group discussion and goal setting.  All carefully designed to help encourage you to take small manageable steps to move outside your comfort zone with likeminded people, who are experiencing the same or similar challenges as you.  The group is facilitated by me (Keeley),  in a spirit of openness, non-judgement and wonderment. The ethos is one where, we all want each other to grow, succeed and win!
 Who am I?
I am Keeley Taverner, an experienced qualified psychotherapist, owner of Key for Change and Visionary. I am dedicated to my profession and picked up my first self-help book when I was a single mother working on IKEA’s checkout back in 1998. At that time, I was madly in love with a narcissistic man and that roller coaster of experience has been the making of me.  Today, as bizarre as it may seem, I am grateful for that experience. It changed my life for the better and today I help other people to find victory in adverse experiences.  I have a private clinic in West London and offices in Baker Street and support a host of international clients online.  
I am a creative change maker, with a great sense of humour and regard myself as a contemporary psychotherapist (with traditional underpinnings). My working-class background informs my thinking and people seek me out for my straight-talking, no-nonsense style. I have walked the walk and can back my talk. I have overcome low self-esteem, low expectation and low self-worth.  Naturally, my experiences influence my work and give me an extra zeal and passion as a change maker.
You’re worthy of love, respect and loyalty.
You can break negative cycles
You do deserve better.
You just have to believe that you’re worth it!
If my life can change, yours can too!
I am proud to bring together my ideas into the Feel Loved online programme. A bespoke programme that inspires thought, ‘a-ha’ moments and epiphanies that will inspire you to make making meaningful, lasting changes to your life. Join me and let’s do this together.