18. April 2018 - 18:00 till 20:00
Ex Libris Gallery at Newcastle University
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Felicity Allen: The Disoeuvre | Wednesday, 18. April 2018

The Disoeuvre, a Solo Exhibition by Felicity Allen

Opening: Wednesday 18 April 6-8pm

Exhibition: 19 April - 19 May 2018

Newcastle University is pleased to present The Disoeuvre, a solo exhibition by Felicity Allen. Disoeuvre is a neologism coined by Allen to articulate the contingent qualities of women artists' careers and those who are peripherally positioned to the art market. If an artist's oeuvre suggests something monographic, a Disoeuvre suggests deviation, or possibly deviance. This artist, trained by virtue of gender to be adaptable, relates to her precarity by responding to contingency, producing art through many different roles and guises. In the series of prints The Disoeuvre: an Argument in 4 Voices (WASL Table), Allen combines images and text alongside a table that has always been part of her working life, to explore this term through the prism of her own career.

Alongside this, Allen presents text and large watercolours of an asylum seeker and an activist supporter, linked to the literary-activist movement, Refugee Tales. These works, part of Allen’s ongoing Dialogic Portraits series started in 2009, explore ideas of erasure and visibility. The process of painting with her subject is important to the artist through the slowing down and sharing of this moment of time.

Taken collectively, Allen’s work explores visibility and its erasures in dialogue with individuals and possible communities. The Disoeuvre forms part of Curatorial Fellow George Vasey’s programme at Newcastle University.


Felicity Allen is an artist, writer and educator based in Ramsgate and London. Current and recent projects include an exhibition Slidewalking towards The Disoeuvre with Althea Greenan at Limbo in Margate (2018); a book, Psycho-Neurological Poem in 3 Parts & A Clean Heart and a Cheerful Spirit, Litmus Press (2018) from a residency at CEC, St Petersburg (2017); a film, As If They Existed (2015, with Tom Dale) from a residency at Turner Contemporary; critical articles including 'Erasure, Transformation and the Politics of Pedagogy: a feminist artistic/curatorial practice' in Maria Buszek & Hilary Robinson (eds), A Companion to Feminist Art, Wiley Blackwell (US/UK, 2019); 'Re-visiting, Re-situating Gallery Education', in Jenna Ashton (ed.), Feminism and Museums: Intervention, Disruption and Change, MuseumsEtc (UK, 2018).

Ex Libris Gallery, Newcastle University, King's Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm (and by appointment) Please email George Vasey at georgegrahamvasey@gmail.com for any further information.